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Breakfast Topic: What's your armor design style philosophy? {WoW}

Nov 13th 2011 1:20PM I think the designers are forgetting what makes a Death Knight a Death Knight with their latest armor designs. I've noticed they seem to follow a theme of always having skulls on the armor, and horns on the helmet. I have nothing against the skulls on the armor, but lately it seems that the skulls are added as an after thought. DK armor recently could easily be passed off as warrior armor. I don't think DK armor should look as pristine as it has been lately. It should have an almost ragged undead look to it.

When we tank it isn't our armor that protects us, but the blood of our very enemies that heals and protects. We don't need to be fully armored from head to toe as warriors and paladins do. When we dps, frost forms on our bodies, the dead rise to fight for us.

Death Knight armor needs to have a more necromantic feel to it. To have a visual that will tell you that this guy you are fighting will kill you, and then raise your body from the dead and use it to fight his enemies, or to destroy it further to heal himself.

Addon Spotlight: Addon Roulette and win a Razer Nostromo {WoW}

Oct 27th 2011 7:12PM Comment, would love to win that item.

The Queue: Superbeard {WoW}

Aug 25th 2010 2:34PM Is Blizzard in any way improving the leveling of some of the gathering skills? Mining in particular. I understand that they mixed the ores found in most zones in order to keep materials somewhat convenient. However I have noticed that there tends to be a serious slow down in the skill areas around tin. I'm curious if they have fixed any zones to have a larger tin output than what is currently available. As even in zones that contain tin, you find copper or iron to be more common.

A lack of Alliance pride {WoW}

Dec 9th 2009 1:59PM The main problem is that the Alliance doesn't really have a battle cry. Sure you can use For the Alliance! but it just doesnt roll off the tongue like FOR THE HORDE!

The other issue is that the Alliance doesn't really come off as an entity that is fighting off the shackles of oppression. All the Horde races have faced oppression at some point. The Orcs are recovering from their enslavement by the demons, and their capture by the humans. The Tauren were fighting to survive against the marauding centaur. The Darkspear were driven out of Stranglethorne by the other jungle trolls. The Forsaken have to contend with being free willed undead. And even the Blood Elves turned to the Horde because the Alliance treated them with suspicion at the behest of the Night Elves. Even the Goblins coming in Cataclysm are fighting off from being enslaved.

The Horde represents the underdogs, Alliance outnumber us on most realms. But we are proud to be the ones coming up from under their boots.

Breakfast Topic: How would you do the Wrath cinematic? {WoW}

Aug 24th 2008 8:16AM I wouldnt change it myself. BC's opening cinematic was fun. It reintroduced us to some of the old characters from the original cinematic and we saw how they leveled up and killed some murlocs.

I think the primary difference between the Wrath and the BC cinematic is how it is conceptualizing how story heavy Wrath seems to be. BC had a story that was somewhat still in the background as we played, but wasn't really up in the front or in our faces until 2.4 and Sunwell came out.

From what I have seen with Wrath the story is going to be pretty much in our face throughout our adventures in Northrend, and if I were to change or add anything to the cinematic, I would maybe have shown some conflict between the mages of Dalaran and the Blue Dragonflight as well.

But overall I think the cinematic gets the point across. This time the game is all about the Lich King.

Breakfast Topic: How much are expansions changing the game? {WoW}

Aug 23rd 2008 8:11AM I agree that they do feel more like sequals on how they change the game. I specifically like how they are trying to dig many classes out of the pigeon holes they were unintentionally put in, as well as trying to even out all the specs so that no single one better than the other for any class.

I play a warlock, and while I enjoy being affliction, its nice to see that we won't be rolling our eyes when we see someone join a group with a fel guard because demo is currently horribly underpowered as well as misused. The changes to that tree should see some more action on the raiding front. But I still expect to see many locktards not using the tree to its best potential.