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Ariel Atom celebrates turning 10 with special Mugen edition {Autoblog Archive}

Dec 18th 2010 8:31PM " boost the power of its Honda-sourced 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine from 245 to 270 horsepower."

Sounds like a good start, now put the supercharger on it!

Chrysler pondering diesel for U.S. Jeep Compass and replacement {Autoblog Archive}

Dec 18th 2010 8:23PM Yeah, these images have had some digital "help".

You can tell by the reflections, and also I have seen quite a few 'shops in my time.

But seriously, the colors do not look like they came out of a real camera.

Rumormill: Mazda working on CX-5? {Autoblog Archive}

Jul 26th 2010 7:13PM I'd like it if Mazda made a small, sporty coupe crossover. With two seats. And a rotary engine. And by "crossover", I mean RX-7.

PSA: Eating in the car increases risk of food poisoning {Autoblog Archive}

Jun 10th 2010 12:45AM "Those nasty germs enter your car through the soil you walk on, the pets you travel with, the passengers you transport and British journalists who insist on licking the cars they review on television."

Comparing the American Le Mans Series to NASCAR, IndyCar for relevance {Autoblog Archive}

Jun 9th 2010 8:55AM Humans don't eat it directly, but it is present in most processed foods. For example, it's where corn syrup comes from, along with hundreds of other products used in food production.

2010 Indy 500 filled with crashes, drama [SPOILERS] {Autoblog Archive}

Jun 2nd 2010 2:36AM Amen to that.

I'm still pissed at the NASCAR Hall of Fame for preempting any coverage on Speed. That's a race they've covered live in past years, and it's a good one.

Geely to build car cheaper than Tata Nano? {Autoblog Archive}

May 24th 2010 3:39AM They say gullwing doors, but judging from the picture, $2,250 isn't enough to buy a door on the driver's side.

Spy Shots: 2012 Mercedes-Benz SLK caught training for Z4 fight {Autoblog Archive}

May 10th 2010 7:50PM I find it curious that Mecedes-Benz feels the need to make the SLK look like a knockoff of their current halo car. It's not a bad design (either one) but if I owned one it would irk me that they just designed it like that so owners could pretend they had a supercar. on Autoblog with Paul Eisenstein {Autoblog Archive}

May 10th 2010 7:05PM Good thing that "recent Buick products have finally started to become more than just clones of other GM models"

I'm really looking forward to that new Opel, I mean Buick Regal.

Rumormill: Toyota developing smaller, cheaper baby FT-86 {Autoblog Archive}

May 10th 2010 3:36PM I find it curious that people are comparing it to a Mustang. Yes, the prices may end up being similar, but the FT-86 (or baby FT-86) is not meant to be a successor to the Mustang, it's meant to be a successor to the AE86 and other lightweight sports cars (not muscle cars) produced by Toyota back in the day. For comparison, the 4A-GE made between 120 and 130hp in the 86. So with less power and a presumably heavier weight, the baby FT-86 is going to be slower in a straight line, but I think the selling point is going to be handling, especially if Toyota wises up and manages to make the baby FT lighter than the high-priced version.

Of course, I'm sure the real reason they're doing this is CAFE and other requirements of that type.