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Ask a Lore Nerd: The heads and tails of the Horde {WoW}

Dec 1st 2008 9:34PM I have two questions, first I dont understand why we are going into the Black Dragonflight's chamber to kill Sartharion unless i missed a quest or text somewhere, and second I couldn't find anywhere about whats going on in The Nexus, whys the blue dragonflight fighting mana surges, and what that vaccuum type effect.

Ask a Lore Nerd: Cenarius, C'Thun, and the Titans {WoW}

Sep 28th 2008 10:00PM Is Sargeras like in the soul of Medivh during the opening of the dark portal? Cause when Medivh dies during CoT:BM, his voice almost sounds demonish.

Wrath sound files point to world event {WoW}

Aug 23rd 2008 2:48PM Either its not the lich king, or Blizzard realizes that everyone is so wrapped up with the name Arthas that they dont even realize Ner'zhul (the orc) was the original lich king. So imo they are bringing Ner'zhul back, and this voice sounds orcish and the words he used sounds like it would be used way back when Ner'zhul was an orc.

Wrath sound files point to world event {WoW}

Aug 23rd 2008 2:20PM It's Ner'zhul.