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Ramp Champ goes free in App Store {}

May 7th 2011 8:37AM I already own this and I could swear I downloaded it for free a long time ago. Now I'm totally second-guessing my memory. :\

Apple takes a bite out of PC market {}

Apr 16th 2011 4:04PM Well, I don't know about other Americans, but I only buy things when I have the cash saved up to buy them outright. I also don't own a credit card and have never gotten a loan, but I guess I'm in the minority.

iPhone use by teens at a record high and growing {}

Apr 11th 2011 2:41PM They're really not much more expensive than an iPod was when I was in high school 10 years ago. Sure, there are monthly fees, but back then I had a phone, an iPod, and a handheld gaming device. Now, the iPhone is all those things. I know a lot of kids even pay for the phone and service themselves and that's awesome, but even if their parents got it for them, I don't think it's the most extravagant gift ever. As long as they take care of the phone, more power to them. :)

Totem Talk: Wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff vs. mastery {WoW}

Mar 11th 2011 8:39AM @Ad134

I totally agree. I love Matt Smith and Karen Gillan, but I think Moffat's an overrated hack. I miss Russell T Davies like BURNING. It's gotta be the writing, because I was desperately in love with Eccleston's Doctor and thought I'd never like Tennant - and I didn't, at first, but then he became my favorite doctor (well, pretty much... Eccleston was amazing, but got less time to shine). I think without Russell's writing, I would never have come around to Tennant's Doctor, cuz I don't actually like Tennant all that much. (Don't hit me, please.)

Oddly enough, I really, really love [Mark Gatiss's] & Moffat's Sherlock series (though with 3 episodes, and only one written by Moffat, maybe it was a fluke)... but I just cannot STAND how Moffat writes the Doctor. Even worse is how he writes everyone around him; I don't want to watch a show called Doctor Who if absolutely EVERYBODY is smarter than the Doctor and constantly gloating about it. Also, River Song must die.

Oh, and Shaman are cool. And stuff. I have one. So... yeah.

Around Azeroth: Out of the game and into the streets {WoW}

Feb 8th 2011 10:29AM "When you watch Family Guy and they make fun of fat people, do you think, 'Aw, poor fat people?' No, you laugh."

No, actually, I do say, "Aw, poor fat people," and then I turn the channel. Life's shitty enough for overweight people, they don't need the King of Douchebags (MacFarlane) making fun of them, too.

Make fun of people whose lives are wonderful. It's no fun to make someone feel worse about something that already makes them feel bad.

Spiritual Guidance: Best professions for Cataclysm shadow priests {WoW}

Feb 3rd 2011 3:26PM @MusedMoose That's pretty much what I did on my lock. Leveled tailoring and mining up til Wrath, made a load of cash on the AH with mining (about 15k - quite a bit considering I didn't play all that much), and then dropped mining for enchanting.

I don't regret dropping mining all that much, but sometimes I regret getting enchanting; I've never maxed it out on that toon, since I'm maxed out on a priest instead, so it feels like it was a waste of time and resources. I wish I'd done alchemy or something instead (I've never done it).

Breakfast Topic: How does your character react to quest storylines? {WoW}

Jan 25th 2011 2:34AM I don't like to RP mainly because I never know what the hell I'm doing, but for some reason I do occasionally think about my characters and how they'd react to things, and I have a few Word docs with story snippets and ideas for the characters, just in case I'd ever need it.

I do react differently depending on who I'm playing. I like the idea of being on the fringes of society, so I prefer Horde, and even my Alliance characters are outcasts in some way. My BE warlock simply craves power and loves to be evil, so sometimes I'll /laugh after she commits some wicked act.

But my BE shadow priest (yes, I play other races too), is more sullen and emo and doesn't necessarily take pleasure in doing bad things. She has very personal reasons for questing (revenge, love, adventure, searching for meaning in life, etc), whereas my warlock really just wants to feel good, hurt people and become as powerful as humanly possible, no matter the cost.

So to answer your question: My characters react differently to quests based on their personal experiences, just like any other well-rounded character would do.

ThinkGeek's iCade gaming cabinet for iPad moves closer to reality {}

Jan 11th 2011 4:48PM Yep, and the 8-bit necktie did, too.

Six awesome iOS exercise and dieting apps {}

Dec 27th 2010 10:04AM I second Lose It. I used it first and then switched to the Weight Watchers thing for a few months - huge mistake. The WW app crashed a lot and was very slow and annoying to use. I didn't lose any weight while using it, either. I've definitely been most successful using Lose It of all the weight loss apps I've tried, and I am very lazy and have a lot of trouble losing weight.

Daily Burn is also good, and Foodscanner is kind of cool If you eat a lot of prepackaged foods. I always go back to Lose It, though.

Survey: 19 percent of households with iPads are likely to buy another {}

Dec 26th 2010 1:43AM This is accurate for me, anyway. I just bought my iPad a few days ago* and I've barely put it down. I think one reason is never having to worry about battery life or even Internet access (since I sprung for the 3G).

*I know it's a horrible time to buy since there will probably be a new one very soon, but I'm stuck with family for the holiday and I needed a distraction or I would have gone insane. I'll probably buy a 3rd gen when they come out.