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Death Knight Frost tree changes in latest Wrath Beta build {WoW}

Aug 24th 2008 6:28PM Could Frost DK's be viable AOE farmers?

think of this combo.
first be in blood to reduce global cooldown of spells to get the most in.

(use lichbourne when gathering enemies, +25% chance to miss to them all and immune to many effects)

First: Plague Strike (plagues an enemy consuming 1 blood 1 unholy)
(with more enemies near)

Pestilence to spread that disease to the other two

DnD (Consumes two unholy, however in using 1 blood you gained a death ruin if spec'ed deep frost which thsi requires)

your now left with 2 frost ruins, 3 DnD affected targets, and all of them have diseases on them

Use Frost Stike (consuming one)

Then Hungering cold freezing them * More importantly giving them the Frost fever debuff

use Deathchill if killing machine has not proc'ed, or if it proc'ed on your frost strike.

Use Howling Blast. Howling blast will crit (because of deathchill or killing machine), and deal double damage (because of your Frost Fever debuff) + any other modifiers in your frost tree, easily doing 4k to all your victims.

now hopefully a blood rune will be up, use Blood boil (because of frost, there is a very good chance your disease will not be stripped off because of this spell (90%) so in case some are, just respread with pestilence and continue. this is all theory craft because i am not in the beta, but this could be powerful.