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Guildwatch: Unknown withdrew... any chance of joining another guild {WoW}

Aug 27th 2008 2:20AM As of last week Dragon Knight on US - Boulderfist (one of the oldest guilds) is no longer raiding. The raid leader (a mage) made a deal with to allow certain raiders to raid with them, but they took mostly spell dps. Tanks, healers, and melee dps? Screwed. Hrm, I wonder what that deal was?

Dragon Knight had a bad week or two with people not showing up for raids, and instead of booting them and recruiting more reliable members, the raid leader forced a break, which doesn't sit well with a lot of the raiders being left behind.

Dragon Knight as a guild still exists, and a number of the members moving to OMG are still running under the Dragon Knight tag, but the raiding team has effectively been stripped.