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Officers' Quarters: Dual spec, double loot? {WoW}

Feb 17th 2009 7:43AM The only one currently changing for a certain fight is me, I log on my dps alt at sapphiron since a second tank isn't needed there. I don't roll for loot on him but yes if people have to change for a certain encounter they have the right to roll for what their spec/class is at that boss.

I'll have to say though, we haven't had loot problems so far. If someone wins something of use to him I can only be happy for the guy even if it means him winning it over me.

Officers' Quarters: Dual spec, double loot? {WoW}

Feb 17th 2009 2:34AM In our guild we work with master loot and no DKP system. Currently main spec gets prio on rolls.

When dual spec hits we will most likely work with a rule that you get prio for the spec you've entered the raid with. If no one wants the item people can roll for your offspec/other spec.

To me it doesn't matter much, I have no desire to roll for offspec loot. When dual spec hits I will spec two different tank specs anyway.

The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Dual spec madness {WoW}

Feb 16th 2009 3:20AM Well call me crazy but if dual spec hits I'll spec 2 prot specs. Other than tanking dungeons and raids there isn't much else I like about wow.

Up untill 60 in vanilla wow I was arms but since I dinged 60 I've been prot even to level to 70 and 80.

I doubt dual spec will change much about the shortage though. There just isn't that many people who actually enjoy tanking. And you can't change how someone feels about a role. But to be fair any 25 man atm only needs 2 tanks and a lot more healers. Though in my guild we always end up looking for dps to fill slots.

New Dalaran rings on the PTR {WoW}

Dec 15th 2008 3:31AM If you plan to dish out cash just go with the crafted BoE Titanium Earthguard Ring.

Titanium Earthguard Ring
Binds when equipped
+50 Strength
+63 Stamina
Blue Socket
Socket Bonus: +4 Defense Rating
Requires Level 80
Equip: Increases defense rating by 25 (5.08 @ L80).
Equip: Increases your dodge rating by 34 (0.86% @ L80).

Most of the mats you can farm or AH yourself:
Titanium Bar (2)
Dragon's Eye (4)
Eternal Earth (4)
Eternal Life (4)
Frozen Orb

Don't waste your money on the Kirin Tor one.

Breakfast Topic: The Man with a Plan {WoW}

Nov 24th 2008 4:20AM I had planned to level my protection warrior to 80 at max and 74 at least within a week. I managed to level him to 80 last saturday with Icecrown and The Storm Peaks still untouched.

Got some lols for levelling as a prot warrior but it was ideal to me levelling this way. Especially with the 'kill this many of these' quests.

Right now I'm just taking my time questing Icecrown and (later this week) The Storm Peaks for the last bit of lore. I could level my lvl 70 Pally to 80 next or gear up my warrior some more. I'll probably go for the latter.

Officers' Quarters: Tanks for nothing {WoW}

Sep 16th 2008 4:22AM If the DPS is too busy topping the DPS meter chart instead of watching Omen they're not in it to work as a group anyway. After a warning or two I state just the same: You aggro it, you tank it.

To reply to the topic, if a tank doesn't get the fights and he's serious about his role in the raid, have him watch some youtube video's (those that come with instructions) about that specific boss. That's how I learned all my Kara fights before I set foot in Kara. Your guild might do the fight different, and you won't be a better tank because of it per definition, but at least you understand the fight better.

WoW Insider and WoW TCG Loot give away a Tabard of Flame {WoW}

Aug 27th 2008 3:28AM Tears of the burning eye red