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Top ten reasons Thrall got pwned by Garrosh {WoW}

Nov 11th 2008 1:13PM Garrosh is a whiny bastard that has been unwilling to get away from the campfire and redeem himself for years.

He's not worthy of leading us anywhere, especially when he suckerpunches Thrall while distracted.

Take the player, not the class {WoW}

Nov 5th 2008 2:49PM How foolish of people to claim that "hybrid" classes shouldn't be as good at a role as a "pure" class. They also make the mistake of thinking that some of the "hybrid" classes aren't "hybrids" at all. (Warriors are one of the better examples, as are Priests.)

A bear tank is there to tank. Period. Not to heal or any other half-arsed other activity they *could* perform. Tank. A Boomkin is there to dps. Not to heal, not to tank. They'll generally suck at either of those roles (much like a Shadow Priest trying to main heal...).

Any class that could do more than one role (tank, dps, heal) by respeccing talent trees needs to be darn good at each role, or they aren't worth using.

Ask WoW Insider: Loot rolls and seasonal boss summons {WoW}

Oct 21st 2008 1:29PM This is a prime example of why I:
a) Multibox - so I can just run the thing myself a bunch of times without chancing all the jerks (and just bad players) in PUGs. (Though I only do this option on days when I know other guildies won't be available at the same time to run it as well.)

b) Have a guild - I've pushed us to gather up and run it a bunch of times to ensure as many toons as possible are upgraded. (With mounts and pets being bonus items no one REALLY needs.)

We always use a pass, then /roll on items so we can talk about them. Most of us pass on the chances for items to ensure an item will get used by a main over an alt anyway. Keeps people in the guild happy, and PUGs standing outside the instance.

Dinner with the multiboxers {WoW}

Oct 17th 2008 11:28AM Sarem, you show unbelievable ignorance. You're way, way off base.

Some of us multibox (yes, using five machines) purely to gain rep and/or gear up our own toons, as well as to give other guildies in our very small guild the chance to run instances (by pulling out a toon or two from our m/b group and plugging in the live toons).

I don't do battlegrounds - I've tried them and did fairly well at some, but I really don't enjoy PvP. We don't sell our accounts or characters, nor sell gold. Personally, I don't even sell anything on the AH, so people can't even claim I farm and sell mats.

I spend most of my time in heroic instances, gearing up my toons. When enough guildies are on, we raid or instance together, with me running however many toons are necessary to make the required number.

Get your facts straight.

Scattered Shots: What we didn't get {WoW}

Oct 9th 2008 4:18PM Get real guys, pet talent trees aren't that special. No real difference from having to choose where to spend points with the system in Live now - and we really don't know that it is a BUFF to pets at all. *Possibly* for the tanking version, but until I see more on what pets do in 3.0.2 I'm not jumping for joy.

The same goes for the removal of clipping. We did MORE damage with a 3:2 shot rotation than a 1:1 shot rotation. So unless they upped the damage somewhere in there, no clipping is not necessarily an improvement.

As far as supposedly being in the top 3 slots on dps on Naxx25. Over the whole raid, one boss, consistent among different teams? Too many variables to make a blanket claim.

Viper is NOT an improvement. If you had just done auto-shot with the old Viper you'd recover a ton of mana as well - and NOT be at a 50% damage penalty during that time. So the new Viper isn't all it is cracked up to be. Also, we have to stand and shoot to recover the mana now, none on the move.

Too many ups AND downs to call 3.0.2 a buff to the hunter class. More like a sidegrade at this point.

I'm just waiting for the gripes from people about the huge size of the Devilsaur getting in the way during raids, and the noisy sound they make...

Yeah, I'm eager for the changes, if only to get on with it and move on. But change is not always good (or bad).

When is it fair for classes to share? {WoW}

Oct 9th 2008 10:57AM I'm amused by the claims about "bad hunters," and yet I've seen bad rogues, bear druids, dps warriors, holy priests, prot paladins, pretty much you name it. And I've seen them often enough to claim that many players are just plain "bad" - or at the least not "good/great." If someone doesn't research ability rotations or best uses of powers, they likely aren't all they can be.

Having another MD power in a raid will only be helpful - UNLESS hunters get replaced by rogues because that was the reason for the hunter to be brought along. If that's the case, it becomes a "core ability" of that class (hunter). Traps aren't needed on most instance/raid runs (including heroics, my team very rarely uses CC), assuming they work at all, so traps certainly can't be called a core ability.

Really, what hunters ought to be given is a WORKING form of stealth detection. As in, no stealth works (to the hunter) while it is up. The current version works very poorly. This makes more sense for what the class does than just adding stealth to them.

Ask WoW Insider: How to PuG Heroics {WoW}

Aug 28th 2008 10:15AM I'm humored by the comments about hunters (mainly those who don't know how best to use their class). My experience has been that about many tanks don't study up on their class either, and thus either gear up poorly, or haven't learned a smart rotation of attacks to most efficiently build (and hold) aggro. Thus they cause problem for the high dps people in their group.

(Woe to those who don't have good aggro dumps like feign death.)

And therein lies a core problem with pugs. Not knowing what you'll get... Personally, I don't PUG any more at all. I'd rather lose out on doing Heroics than to wipe because of boneheads.