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Ford F-150 airbag recall balloons by 1.2M units {Autoblog Archive}

Apr 14th 2011 1:18PM This is pretty big. A shame I haven't seen this blow up on all forms of news sites and shows like what happened to Toyota. Gee, I wonder why that is?

Video: Scion teases FT-86 concept ahead of New York debut {Autoblog Archive}

Apr 14th 2011 2:17AM I know it's shallow, but I was planning on buying this for a fun, decent gas mileage, everyday sporty car, retiring my current car to full-time track duty. If this car has that fugly Scion badge on it, with the reputation of Scion coming along for the ride naturally, count me out.

Cause to keep Mitsubishi Evo alive and pure pops up on the web {Autoblog Archive}

Mar 5th 2011 4:19PM Yeah glucker, it was a pretty funny joke that I didn't get until you pointed it out to me, har-har. I'm sure not many people found that one funny, especially REAL subie fans who know how detrimental this can be on Subaru's future iterations, and just future in general of their WRX/STI. Most other journalism on this site is top-notch, I'll make sure to ignore whatever squabble you manage to slop together from here on out, as I'm not really missing out on anything.

Cause to keep Mitsubishi Evo alive and pure pops up on the web {Autoblog Archive}

Mar 5th 2011 10:53AM "If you prefer the dirt-drift action of a Subaru, then lean back in your chair, don't click anything and cackle wildly."

Easily the dumbest thing I've ever read on here. This OP should be ashamed of themselves for being a full-fledged idiot. There is a mutual respect between WRX and EVO drivers, if you haven't noticed. Sure, there's competition and bragging, but that's about it, no one hates each other. It's the competition that made these cars what they are today.

So, this OP seems pretty out of the know here suggesting "dirt-drift action" (what is that anyways? I guess the Evo doesn't have it though?), and he should probably stick to EV cars, or bicycles without a seat. Take a hike.

Report: Mitsubishi official says Evo franchise is dead {Autoblog Archive}

Mar 2nd 2011 4:23PM Mitsubishi is pulling a Toyota here killing off their fun cars. Unfortunately for them, their cars don't have the build quality that Toyota did then when they pulled their stunt, thus they are screwed. But at this point, they don't care, they won't bat an eye at what's said here because Mitsubishi doesn't care about us, the enthusiast. They won't have the EV car penetration neither, they can't compete with Toyota/Nissan/Honda with that. Mitsu just finally bled out. Thank you for caring about us for 25 years though as it was fun while it lasted, but at the same time, good riddance for turning your back on us. You'll never get another penny from me, as there's other manufacturers out there happy to give me something I'd want, thus they'll be getting all future business. Then again, I don't think you'll be around at all when it's time for me to get a new car in two years.

A current Evo owner.

Geneva 2011: Toyota FT-86 II Concept is one step closer to production {Autoblog Archive}

Mar 1st 2011 4:51PM Car looks FANTASTIC. It's styling is what Toyota really needs, an adrenaline shot, as their cars went from fantastic in the 90's, to boring sterile hum-drum propelled people mover econo-boxes. Change the front LED light assembly design, and a fuller yet sleeker wing, and call it a day and ship it. Beautiful.

Now onto more pressing matters though: Performance.

Toyota needs to make this into two models: A sporty-car, and a Sports Car. A 200hp entry level "sporty car" with entry level pricing (lower 20k range), and a "Sports Car" 280-300hp Turbo 2.0L (no NA V6!) starting un-optioned at 28k. Both will move out of lots like wildfire.

Toyota needs to fire their "research team" who though all of us that bought the sporty All-Tracs/GT-Four, MR2s, and Supras grew up and want mini-vans and lifeless boring plain-jane econoboxes. They lost my business already, I'm willing to come back IF they give me what I want, or should say, NEED from them (2.0L Turbo plz).

Subaru teases Boxer Sports Car Architecture ahead of Geneva debut {Autoblog Archive}

Feb 22nd 2011 4:05PM Oh well, looks like there won't be a glorious return of the 22b after all. A shame, an actual saddening shame.

Subie and ESPECIALLY TOYOTA could have went this route. Subie perhaps not as it'd eat it's WRX/STI sales a bit, but boy Toyota needs a shot of adrenaline to it's line up for the mass-market, and a GT-Four/All-Trac turbo would have went a long-long way, especially with the 86's nice styling. Toyota failing once again, further becoming the 90's Buick of Japan. They're happy with selling their cars to the mundane masses though, so whatever. My money just keeps going elsewhere since they abandoned me years ago.

Toyota FT-86 coupe to be named Scion FT-S? {Autoblog Archive}

Feb 12th 2011 11:03AM This car should have been an All-Trac/GT-Four. Massive flub on Toyota's part here, as well as maintaining that Toyota is the home of sterile cars for sterile men.

Subaru I figured wouldn't let their company motto "guyz, awd for all!" to go the wayside with this. IF Subie was smart, their coupe would be a successor to the 22B. Smart though, key word.

Video: Top Gear Mexico remarks get the animated dramatization treatment {Autoblog Archive}

Feb 6th 2011 5:42PM Really? Guess it's pretty simple to walk into all these places which sell full-automatic weapons huh? Listen up pal, spare the stories that the liberals and democrats want to ram down your throat. Do "some" weapons cross? Sure. The "smaller" cartels may invest in them, but the big ones, the larger cartels we have to fear more have the mexican army in their back pocket, in which they routinely assist them and sell them some weapons. You can't believe everything the liberal media puts out there.

We'll just leave it that my career is in LE, and I know all the details, not just the rally cry of freedom hating liberals at washington on the agenda of taking weapons out of american's hands. As someone in LE, you'd think I'd want to feel safer knowing less weapons are out there, but just like the drug cartels, the criminals will get their weapons from south american and african sources, so mainly law abiding citizens will suffer.

Video: Top Gear Mexico remarks get the animated dramatization treatment {Autoblog Archive}

Feb 5th 2011 12:08PM Wait? What did I just watch, and why exactly can Top Gear suck it? Is this supposed to insult them some how?

Maybe I should make a cheesy video how Mexico blamed the US for cartels getting their weaponry over the borders in the US when they've been actually getting from countries further south, and THEIR OWN MILITARY (who are in drug cartel back pockets).