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Magtheridon four-manned with Death Knight tank {WoW}

Dec 31st 2008 8:53PM 3 manned it with 3 other players? isn't that 4 manning it? and the doom thingy, you mean blastwave?

When is it fair for classes to share? {WoW}

Oct 8th 2008 2:22AM Now i'm the Hunter CL in my guild with high progression into BT and apart from the high dps i'm doing, i'm almost always second to our Rogue CL. Giving a rogue an MD would seem to take away the raid viability of hunters as that is our 'killer talent' that we bring to raids. Yes the MD cooldown has been reduced vastly, but with the new warrior threat building talents, one MD should still be enough, which rogues can now provide.

Things don't look pretty for PvP Hunters in 8926 {WoW}

Sep 11th 2008 7:31AM I think they're saying that they would rather Arcane shot rather than kill shot just purely for the knockdown effect of the kill shot. If you couldn't kill that specific target with it in PvP, you'd be properly screwed with nowhere to run

Things don't look pretty for PvP Hunters in 8926 {WoW}

Sep 11th 2008 7:28AM Damage output to 100% with no mana used?! Wouldn't that totally negate the need for hunters to have mana in the first place?

Frank Pearce labels WoW's success as "exhausting" {WoW}

Sep 2nd 2008 10:58AM
Seriously, chill the hell out. I'm pretty sure it was a joke.

Insider Trader: To prospect, smelt, or let alone? {WoW}

Sep 1st 2008 6:01AM I would say that buying JC patterns is far more profitable in the long run. If you have the cash to buy one pattern for each gem type, then you can cut at least one type of pattern per gem colour. These cut gems (on my server at least) sell for 10-50% than uncut ones. I wouldn't buy uncut gems off the AH just because I prefer the chance factor when prospecting from ore.

8885 for Hunters: AotV reworked {WoW}

Aug 30th 2008 5:02PM The whole point of this change is that you can use AotH whilst grinding. When you're a little low on mana, switch to AotV and regen it all. This therefore = Zero Downtime and overall more damage done.

8885 for Hunters: AotV reworked {WoW}

Aug 30th 2008 5:01PM Think this'll negate the 'want' factor of BBOTB?

Insider Trader: To prospect, smelt, or let alone? {WoW}

Aug 29th 2008 7:36PM As a jewelcrafter, it's always nice to find good, cheap adamantite ore on the AH. a stack of 20 normally sets me back about 20G and for that i generally am guaranteed 1 blue that i can cut and sell for 20-60 easy.

Breakfast Topic: Skippable quests {WoW}

Aug 29th 2008 12:14PM I try not co skip quests, but as soon as 58 comes 'a' calling, I dump all Azeroth q's and straight for the lovely maelstrom of fel orcs that is Hellfire Peninsula