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Gold Capped: The fastest way to make 10,000 gold {WoW}

Jan 6th 2012 5:48PM Honestly, with current market conditions you should be well on track to, if not already at, 10k gold by the time you hit level 85. It may not be the case on small population servers/factions, but certainly on Blackrock you can earn easily up to 200g or even more for many of the low level BoE green items you pick up on the way. For someone looking for a specific transmog look, the right BoE green can be as rare a drop as an epic and people would rather pay 200g per piece of Aurora set cloth (as a for instance) than to farm Cathedral for 10 hours.

Apple hires NFC expert to manage mobile commerce, prepare to pay with your iPhone {Engadget}

Aug 15th 2010 11:55PM Now you too can accept iPhone's just like credit cards! Apple only takes a mere 30% of each transaction!

App review: The Incident {Engadget}

Aug 15th 2010 5:02AM @Stephen1229 He's a blatant Apple fanboy, I'll give you that. With any issue involving Apple, you can't expect a fair level-headed opinion. That said, he's not as bad as whats-his-face on Tech Crunch who claimed that the Magic Trackpad just "killed the mouse", nor is he is bad as a Mossburg or a Gruber. He is what he is, and because he's running the show, Engadget as a whole has always had some pro-Apple bias.

There's nothing wrong with that, really. I think most of the people who read engadget know that's what they're going to get and they're fine with it. If it turns out he really is just plugging this App because of some personal connection, well that's a different story -- but if he's just an Apple fanboy raving about a new game for his Apple toys, then so be it. That's just a part Engadget.

App review: The Incident {Engadget}

Aug 15th 2010 4:55AM @anotherworld What? This game specifically? I don't think it holds a candle to Civilization Revolutions and that was free all last week.

App review: The Incident {Engadget}

Aug 15th 2010 4:53AM @Wesscoast There's plenty of piracy of iPhone apps, I don't know where you got the idea that piracy is a bigger problem for Android. And while iOS does still have a larger install base, the gap is shrinking I'm not turning this into an iOS vs Android argument because that would be stupid, I'm just pointing out that it does indeed make sense to develop for both platforms if you're a company interested in making money.

Editorial: Waiter, there's a Nazi theme in my Android Market (updated) {Engadget}

Aug 13th 2010 2:32PM Google's policing of the Android Market is similar to how they handle Youtube. It's up to you to complain. There's no proactive approach on their part.

Garmin: revenue from phone segment in Q2 was 'below our plan' {Engadget}

Aug 6th 2010 4:36AM The dumb thing was even available for free with the Fathersday promotion -- otherwise they might not have even the 27 million to fall back on. When you deliver a product 2+ years behind schedule without the specs having changed, that's bad. When you do that in the *smartphone* market of all places, that's a friggen disaster.

HTC Glacier leaks out in GLBenchmark database, boasts really high scores {Engadget}

Aug 4th 2010 5:13AM This is an excellent name choice:
Because nothing says "speed" like Glacier.

Canadian iPhone 4 launch details emerge: Rogers offers 6GB for $30, iPad sharing for $20 (update: Bell's iPad deal cheaper) {Engadget}

Jul 30th 2010 2:20AM @Hydra

I know, this is a total reversal from the iPhone's original release. Remember the kerfuffle that ensued when Canada was trying to limit iPhone data? Suddenly their limited plan offers more bandwidth than my unlimited plan -- and I only have that cause I'm grandfathered.

I liked it better when we were pitying Canada and their backwards Telcos.

LG: 'Apple may have to delay launches of the iPad for some countries' {Engadget}

Jul 25th 2010 6:43PM @wilvo I don't necessarily think that "big iPod Touch" is a criticism so much as it is an "accurate description". In just 3 words it encapsulates both the devices strengths and weaknesses.

The bigger screen plays a roll in enhancing media consumption. It's better for comic books, better for movies, better for ebooks -- but when it comes time for serious work, it's still awkward as hell. You can do the same level of "real work" on both an iPhone and ipad and in both instances its awkward as hell.

In other words, if you fall into the narrow category of people who only use your laptop over your smartphone because you don't like the eye-strain associated with using a smartphone, then you can indeed replace your laptop with your iPad. But if you can't replace your laptop with your smartphone because "smartphones can't do that" then you're still not replacing your laptop.

For everyone else, it's just a neat little toy to use while curled up on the couch. For me, it's just too expensive for what it can do for me. I don't know exactly how many people feel the same way and are waiting for an iPad that can do more or costs less, but it was interseting for me to note that 20% of all the iPads sold world-wide at this point were sold in California. Seems almost like a regional fad atm, which explains why I haven't ever seen one in the wild.