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Forum post of the day: Vicarious' legend {WoW}

Aug 30th 2008 6:30AM With all the talk about it being a "hunter weapon" based on the +15% ranged speed and high dps, i think all the huntards didn't read the fine print "Does not stack with similar effects".

Hey guys guess what! The only reason it has +15% weapon speed is because it doesn't need a quiver etc, and as for siginificantly higher dps... well no, it doesn't use ammo, so subtract whatever the best ammo dps is.

As for cost saving... Well gold isn't hard to get, if your hunter cannot do a daily to get gold for their ammo, i doubt they are in kara yet.

As for no rogue stats... +17agility, +34ap, +16crit rating, +112 armour penetration sound like rogue stats to me.

So before all you hunter start whining about its hunter loot. I thank god someone screwed you over like you did to Rogues in every other piece of gear you could wear.

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