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Holy and Discipline Priest 3.0.2 spell and ability review {WoW}

Oct 17th 2008 5:28PM I don't duel, pvp, or bg. I try to make informed choices when I create toon, and then I play it along the line of my understanding.

Frankly, I'm overwhelmed by all the patch changes. I just want to understand the relevant talents to solo pve and occasional 5-man instances.

Call me a simpleton if you will but that's all I care about. Where can I find information along this line?

TIA :)

24 Killer Portable Apps For Your USB Flash Drive {Download Squad}

Sep 2nd 2008 2:35PM Great list of apps, many of which I need to check into -- thank you!

I do have one question about whether your USB drive is as safely encrypted as your article suggest, tho. From TrueCrypt's page:

Tools -> Traveler Disk Setup

You can use this facility to prepare a special 'traveler' disk and launch TrueCrypt from there. Note that TrueCrypt 'traveler disk' is not a TrueCrypt volume but an unencrypted volume.