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Shifting Perspectives: Having fun with all Druid runs! {WoW}

Sep 2nd 2008 4:29PM Also to add, the gear level of the kara run, was about an average of High Tier 4. At the time the guild had just started Hyjal, but the majority of those present in the run were alts and thus had pretty much just tier4 / crafted / badge loot. (didnt have vials!)

When we tackled ZA, only the very geared alts and mains went, I'd say our average gear level of that run was mid-to-high Tier 5.

(sorry for doublepost, cannot find how to edit - firsttime poster =p )

Shifting Perspectives: Having fun with all Druid runs! {WoW}

Sep 2nd 2008 4:18PM This is Bullocks, the Battle Chikin from Kalimdor's Legion.

Kara was a complete breeze with a 2 bear, 3 cat, 3 tree, 2 chicken setup. No bosses presented any problems. I'm not sure why you all had trouble with illhoof. Swipe is a terrific aoe, and having 3 bears (1 in tank 2 in dps gear) just swipe spamming near the portal imps were contained. The chickens had to hurricane to catch up after a few bad sacrifices, but it was smooth sailing.

In ZA, the 4 animal bosses presented no problem whatsoever. We used a 2 bear, 2 cat, 3 tree, 3 chicken approach to it. It worked really well.

Malacress is a physical impossibility for 10 druids to kill. We spent maybe 3 hours trying and trying to get this guy down. We had the adds handled perfectly at the end, and the final issue is the lifebloom. He spent the entire fight going from 90% > 100% > 90% > 100%.

The only thing to kill 10 druids is a bigger druid. We hired the services of Lemmingitus, our crazy ass Elem-hancement shaman to purge for us, and we got him down the next attempt. The lifebloom is way too powerful.

Zuljin was easy, in a few attempts we got him to 7%, but the aforementioned 3+ hours on malacress put us too late and we called it. Zuljin is entirely doable.

Screenshots of kara can be found here:

And of ZA here:

We did Gruul as well with 24 druids + a mage, got HKM down, but we wiped on gruul because we dont have many geared boomkins.