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WoW Archivist: Patch 2.0.1, Before the Storm {WoW}

Nov 8th 2011 9:10AM I remember watching my brother do the honor grind for his title haha. He'd set up these premades with other people who'd want the title and they took turns to get the rank. He competed with another premade group but was doing better than the other one. They eventually made a truce to allow the other group to get rank 14 first so he wouldn't have to pvp as hard. I also remembered how no druids really bothered getting rank 14 as there was nothing of value for them beyond rank 13.

The Queue: More like zero class, am I right? {WoW}

Mar 20th 2011 1:29PM On the PTR there's actually a few new quests that have been added to Silithus though I'm sure this is mainly Blizzard going through to help smooth out the lvling experience for lowbies given their lvl requirements. Still it's nice to see them going through to revamp an area they said that wasn't a high priority.

15 Minutes of Fame: WoW goes to English class {WoW}

Mar 17th 2011 5:58PM These kids have better English than some adults I've seen write. It must be having some kind of effect heh.

Breakfast Topic: Do you still play your first character? {WoW}

Mar 15th 2011 3:06PM Yes and no. The first character I ever made was a forsaken rogue on a PvE server I think. Horde because I liked Thrall from Warcraft III. However, it was only to kind of test the waters and made on my brother's account, a full-time raider . I made this char along with a few other hordies but quickly got my own account. Since my brother played on an alliance PvP server, the first character I made on my account was a human paladin mostly because I liked the "free mount" at lvl 40 deal and the lore behind paladins. I still play my pally to this day with the only thing I've changed was her hair style via the barber shop.

Breakfast Topic: Has Deathwing caught up with you yet? {WoW}

Mar 3rd 2011 8:29AM Actually the three times I've run into him I've never been killed by his flames due to them bugging out. First time, I used the Blasted Lands portal and loaded amidst the fire but didn't get the achievement no matter where I ran through them. Second time, I was randomly doing archaeology in in Loch Modan and flew over nearby Wetlands in time to see the aftermath. Flew through the flames and go the achievement. Third time was in Twilight Highlands but he completely missed me. Got to fly behind him though for a little bit which was cool.

The Queue: Teeth and can openers {WoW}

Feb 17th 2011 11:07AM I remember when I got my wisdom teeth first pulled. It was a very drowsy experience and there was much dozing on painkillers. Lots of bleeding and not much eating either. I was hungry a lot.

Breakfast Topic: Do you actually do holiday events? {WoW}

Feb 7th 2011 11:01AM I only do them on my main, but depending on the holiday I'll do them on alts. I did some of the Thanksgiving one on all of my alts by proxy of wanting to lvl up all of their cooking. I'll probably do the candies achievements for them too for exp when that comes around. For the sake of pets, I get at least one achieve for the Christmas, Children's Week, and Brewfest ones. Valentines pet is too much of a bother to try and get.

Tuesday Morning Post: There's treasure inside {WoW}

Jan 11th 2011 7:49PM I personally liked the Daliy quest articles since I'm a bit of a dailies whore and like to do them. I don't quite know all of the new ones they implemented for Cataclysm yet so these articles are useful for finding them all in one place.