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Breakfast Topic: What are you just not that excited about in Mists? {WoW}

Mar 28th 2012 11:17AM tbh, i most dread reading more of these useless pre-release posts about MoP. Enough already. some of us don't want the surprises spoiled. but i guess there's nothing in current content worth writing about these days.

Really, if you're spending all this time either on the MoP beta, or data-mining details of the x-pac, it's pretty obvious there's not much keeping you in the game right now except habit.

Drama Mamas: The love triangle strikes again {WoW}

Mar 20th 2012 5:28PM people always gotta learn the hard way.

WoW Insider's Mists of Pandaria coverage {WoW}

Mar 19th 2012 11:46AM i can't really agree with this. it comes off more as 'press release reporting' than substantive exploration of the game.

and, as has been mentioned, the lack of a release date is conspicuous by its absence.

the real question is, how long will the current -- ever diminishing i might add -- player base continue to actually subscribe considering there is absolutely nothing new coming until the MoP launch.

It's getting pretty bad (well, has been for weeks now) in game; you can tell from the # of pugs etc that people are pretty much done with cata.

Why not just release some crazy world bosses or something? just plop a couple down in each continent, give them a simple lore excuse for their existence (spaceship emissaries come to harvest the gnome race for alien amuse-bouche?) and make it open-ended 40 man (or whatever) raids that also double as moving PVP opportunities.

anything to keep the game from rotting out.

Mists of Pandaria: Yes, you get another character slot {WoW}

Mar 19th 2012 11:39AM gewalt wrote: "Ask and ye shall recieve. Problem is, people have been asking for the wrong thing. I don't want 11 char slots on one server, I don't even have a single server with more than 7 toons on it. I want the option to choose what server all 50 of my allotted toons are on. Even if I want all 50 of them to be on the same server, there should be no stupid minor technical issue stopping me."

I agree with this 100%. This is exactly the right solution. All characters in a central pool, assigned to servers as the player sees fit.

3 things that need to change about WoW's auction house {WoW}

Mar 16th 2012 1:23PM what the heck is with this mess of a sentence?:

"Nobody hates waiting for their money, and most farmers have been burned by a huge batch of goods coming back, minus the auctioneers' listing cut, unsold due to too much competition."

Lichborne: Why I play a death knight {WoW}

Mar 13th 2012 2:27PM stupid question: if you play an undead DK, does the "Lichborne" talent become redundant and Death Coil basically is an auto-heal?

New Mists of Pandaria screenshot appears {WoW}

Mar 13th 2012 1:45PM what does it say about the state of the game when 80% of all wowinsider posts are incidental (often tentative) details about an expansion that isn't close to being released and the other 20% are articles about UIs, screenshots and two-tiered membership promotions?

what does it say about us as subscribers and players that we continue to pay for worn out instances, a single played out raid, excruciating level grinds (um, can i haz lvl 80 nao plox?!?!), long-capped professions and cosmetic doll outfits?

Hi, remember me? I've been here since 2004 {WoW}

Mar 9th 2012 3:44PM if they let one player -- even just one player and i dont care how that player came to subscribe to the game -- get a free level-up to 80, then i want that perk too.

it's really that simple in my mind. if they can issue an auto-level 80 to one, they can make it available to everyone.

why not?

The Queue: Scroll of Resurrection {WoW}

Mar 7th 2012 1:20PM how long before blizzard extends the insta-80 level perk (and the other SoR perks as well) to ALL subscribers in the name of equal value for equal cost?

seems like even my corner store will compensate me for a quart of milk if i buy it at regular price and the next day it goes on sale. I know The Gap does this, and WalMart too.

only seems like the right thing to do, right?

Official Scroll of Resurrection revamp details {WoW}

Mar 7th 2012 10:52AM i'm with Toup 100% on this.

blizzard has created a two-tier membership setup which is a horrible way to handle loyal subscribers. insta-80 is an unbelievable perk. i can't think of a single person that i know in-game that doesn't have at least one alt that they'd love to boost to 80 right away.

it seems like the only fair solution is to offer insta-80s to current subscribers as well.