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Watch Cataclysm's ending cinematic {WoW}

Dec 1st 2011 4:51AM I find it fairly short-sighted of the Aspects to act as if their power is no longer necessary just because Deathwing's no longer around. Considering the beings that controlled Deathwing, that's about like Return of the King ending with Aragorn & Co. walking away after cutting the head off of the Mouth of Sauron and leaving Frodo & Sam stranded on a mountain surrounded by all of Mordor's armies without even the eagles to give them a lift out of there. Yeah, the mortal races may have proven themselves competent enough to take on fairly large threats, but that doesn't mean having ultra-powerful draconic stewards of various aspects of existence itself wouldn't provide a vital edge when the going gets tough.

Nevermind the fact that the sole reason the mortal races could even touch Deathwing was because of a weapon imbued by the Aspects' power, obtained by using MORE of the Aspects' power, and that the actual killing of Deathwing at the Maelstrom required an assist from EVEN MORE of the Aspects' power. One would think it would've dawned on the Aspects that the mortal races requiring that much of their aid to take down what ultimately amounts to little more than the Old Gods' noisy cheerleader means they should probably hold onto their power and stick around for a bit. Not to mention the cosmic demonic threat flitting about that's comparable in power to the Old Gods themselves (y'know, the fallen Titan and his fel-powered crew). Not to mention the Old Gods' other noisy cheerleaders like Queen Azshara, who are probably at least as powerful as Deathwing by this point and just waiting for the green flag to go nuts.

If the Aspects unwillingly lost their power by expending it all on Deathwing, that's one thing. But that's not the vibe I got from the cinematic. It seemed a little more voluntary and a little more strategically idiotic on the Aspects' part.

Know Your Lore: Story development and why Theramore should burn {WoW}

Nov 20th 2011 6:15PM Hooray, more reasons for my highly diplomatic Horde RP toons (that is to say, all of my RP toons) to cling tighter to the neutral factions they share affiliation with and stay the hell away from Orgrimmar.

As a die-hard Horde fan, I'm right there with my Alliance counterparts in finding no small annoyance with this whole Theramore situation. The Horde having the upper hand for much of an expansion was great. It's true that, from a storytelling perspective, both sides of a conflict cannot always be on equal ground and the upper hand has to go to one side or another eventually as well as periodically change hands. But it hasn't changed hands. Hasn't even shown the slightest hint of doing so. And with that comes something I have feared would happen to WoW ever since Garrosh started shooting off at the mouth in Wrath of the Lich King: the Horde turning evil.

My favorite aspect of the Horde was the fact that they WEREN'T evil, that they were just as capable of good and noble deeds as the Alliance, they were just rougher around the edges, less lawful, a band of well-meaning misfits, whatever. That made them interesting. That made them three-dimensional. As of Cataclysm, however, they've become nothing more than a violent, remorseless war machine with very little in the way of a dissenting voice (or at least one that's been consistent). Between Garrosh's bloodlust and Sylvanas's under-handed plotting, the Horde has veered almost inescapably toward being the clear-cut "bad guys." While we still have the tauren trying to be a voice of reason, the blood elves making overtures of wanting to mend fences with the high elves, and even the trolls reaching out to the Alliance in a rational & diplomatic manner, they're so overshadowed by the orcs and Forsaken and their respective steamrolling of the Alliance that it does little to change the perceoption of the Horde going to just another one-dimensional band of baddie monsters.

That sucks.

I want the Alliance to get the upper hand at some point soon so that the Horde can be the victim of horrible atrocities, so the Alliance can become the war criminals for a bit, and so that the idea that both of these factions really mean well but are just misguided by their own petty grudges can be preserved. In Blizzard's shameless over-glorification of the Horde, they're absolutely destroying the very thing that made the Horde great (the whole notion of classically "evil" monsters having a consciences and multifaceted personalities and good intentions), and I HATE that!

Breakfast Topic: Which race has the best lore? {WoW}

Nov 19th 2011 10:07AM I'm something of a relative newcomer to Warcraft lore, having never played the RTS games and only jumping on the bandwagon with WoW, so for me I think the best racial lore comes from those races who've had major, lore-defining moments within WoW that I can experience as a player rather than read up on in books or WoWPedia articles. Every race has had big lore moments in WoW, obviously, but I mean the big moments where whole societies are shaken and altered. In that respect, I think The Burning Crusade put the blood elves in a huge lead for me. Practically the whole expansion was dedicated to their near fall and eventual redemption, and it was fascinating and well-told in a WoW before phasing and cutscenes existed to really spice up the story. Going back and reading about the high elves and highbourne afterward only helped to cement my love of blood elf lore (which, unfortunately, has led to no small amount of frustration with their near total absence in expansions post-Burning Crusade).

The trolls would have to be a close second, especially after Cataclysm. All on its own, troll lore is a great read, but events like retaking the Echo Isles and standing up against the Zandalari -- big moments the players got to be involved in -- helped push them from "a cool race with a nifty backstory" to a cool race with awesome, dynamic lore.

Other races have had their moments, too. The attention tauren lore got in Cataclysm helped me gain a new appreciation for them, and Forsaken lore has always been fascinating even if I think they're a bunch of bitter, evil jerks. While I'm not too gung-ho for Titan lore (unless it involves Old Gods; sorry, knockoff Lovecraft trumps knockoff Greek/Egyptian mythology...the Norse stuff I stuck around for, though), the dwarves and their quest for more Titan knowledge always manage to tickle my nerdy archaeological inclinations. Orcs have always been high on my list of lore heavyweights, if only for the fact that theirs is such a radical departure from the typical "dumb, evil greenskin underling" depiction in so many other fantasy stories. And if it weren't for their lore petering out so early in low-level zones, I'd be all over worgen, goblin, and draenei lore easily.

Really, the only races whose lore I tend to grow tired of are the night elves and humans. Compared to the more fantastical and mystical histories and current lore moments behind all of the other playable races, human lore just seems...kind of flat. It feels like a copy-paste from any other given fantasy book or movie (which, ultimately, is what all WoW lore is, but the human lore feels especially obvious and uninspired). Night elf lore I just feel is a bit over-exposed. One could say the same of orc lore, but it feels as though every trip back in time immediately goes to the night elves instead of the trolls or tauren or qiraji or any of the other ancient Azerothian races (made worse by any non-night elf character in an ancient setting usually being a time-traveler from the present...). And personally, it's never really caught my attention as anything more than, again, another trip down well-trodden and too-thinly-veiled "magic forest elf" tropes from a thousand other sources, so seeing so much of it becomes even more burdensome compared to, say, orcish clan history.

Gnomes? They don't need lore. They're cool without it. :P

Blue posts and other WoW news: MoP talent clarifications, shaman buff auras, no flying in BC starting zones {WoW}

Nov 18th 2011 4:55AM Personally, as it is I find Silvermoon's complete and utter abandonment by Blizzard's developers to be tragically hilarious.

Narrator: "Now that the Sunwell's been restored..."
One of the first NPCs you encounter: "Ever since the Sunwell was destroyed... ;_;"

I mean really, I thought a big part of revamping the 1-60 experience was to bring in new players. So now the objective is to bring them in AND leave them horribly confused with the glaringly inconsistent presentation of the lore? I'm sure THAT'LL convince every newcomer with a blood elf or draenei main to buy all those books and comics...

Breakfast Topic: Design your own vanity gear {WoW}

Nov 15th 2011 7:36PM Glasses.

Not sunglasses. Not goggles. Not monocles. Regular eyeglasses.

My roleplaying main is suffering from a severe lack of normal eyewear, the poor nearsighted thing.

Breakfast Topic: How would you revamp Outland? {WoW}

Nov 5th 2011 9:59AM as an addendum, since the blood elf and draenei starting areas are apparently on Outland servers, I would honestly prefer to see those areas vastly updated more than Outland itself. I honestly feel Blizzard should have updated all of the capital cities in the same way they did with Orgrimmar and Stormwind, simply to give players more of a personal choice of where to park their toons, and updating Silvermoon City and the Exodar as part of a pass at Outland content would be at least a slight step in the right direction. Expand the Exodar outward in the form of the draenei building a proper city around the wreckage, while the blood elves actually fix up that entire half of Silvermoon City that's left in ruins and crawling with wretched. That way, both factions could have properly-accommodating capitals in both the east and the west, and Blizzard could entice players to return to two beautiful capitals that remain woefully unpopulated. It would also allow for an update in question to fix the hilariously awkward talk in all four zones of "the coming excursion to Outland!" and would be another opportunity to show both draenei lore and how blood elf culture has adapted to the Sunwell's restoration.

Oh, and it would allow flying to happen in those zones, too, obviously. :P

Breakfast Topic: How would you revamp Outland? {WoW}

Nov 5th 2011 9:52AM If Outland were to receive a big 1-60 Cataclysm-style update, I would simply remodel the whole thing to be a compulsory tour of duty that the Horde & Alliance send their heroes on. The Burning Legion has been beaten back, but the fight to keep their foothold on Outland weak keeps going. For most of the zones, this would make the amount of work needed to update them negligible. Just say the demons that used to serve Illidan have now bowed to the Legion and then zones like Hellfire Peninsula, Shadowmoon Valley, and parts of Terokkar Forest & Netherstorm can remain relatively intact (short of the addition of a few modern questing mechanics). All those blood elves we killed? Just rework them into a fanatical cult of fel-tainted elves carrying on Kael'Thas's legacy in service to Kil'Jaeden.

The biggest changes then would be in areas like Zangarmarsh & Blade's Edge Mountain. Without naga draining the lakes, Zangarmarsh would become a much wetter zone with a new baddie, while changes to the gronn & Black Dragonflight's presences in Blade's Edge would make questing radically different there, as well. Perhaps this would be a great opportunity to re-introduce Baron Sablemane, who could perhaps be presented as an ally who stayed in isolation in Outland to keep himself and his underlings away from Deathwing's corruptive influence (it'd be a great way for Blizzard to repopulate the Black Dragonflight, since apparently they're getting redeemed by that Badlands hatchling).

The lore possibilities in this sort of situation would be significant. It would be an excellent way to insert more draenei lore into the game as fans have wanted for years, as the content would now have the focus shifted away from the blood elves' redemption storyline to the draenei retaking their adopted homeland. On the Horde side, there could be a storyline furthering the cultural differences between orcs who were corrupted by the Burning Legion and the mag'har who renounced it (perhaps along the lines of the mag'har seeing how Garrosh is running the Horde and pointing to it as "a result of bad influence from the greenskins"). The story of the Netherwing Dragonflight could be furthered as well, perhaps leading to a meeting between the Netherwing and the Azerothian flights resulting in the Netherwing taking up a similar position of guardianship over Outland. The arakkoa could also factor in more heavily, as they always seemed to have a lot of underutilized potential as villains, IMO.

Raid content would stay the same. We could still fight Illidan in Black Temple, for example (unless Blizzard really does bring him back into current lore like they hinted at, in which case they could update Black Temple, too), but the lore outside of the instance would reflect what Akama and the Ashtongue did to the place in the years since Illidan's defeat.

Barring that, however, I think Kaorael has the next best idea: just replace the breadcrumbs that used to lead to Outland & Northrend with Bronze Dragonflight members sending you back in time for DBZ-style training montages and just leave it at that.

Breakfast Topic: Is it time to implement artifacts? {WoW}

Sep 29th 2011 9:29AM Maybe Blizzard could introduce rainbow-tiered gear to refer to all the goofy vanity items they don't want people transmogrifying. You know, the goofy, garish, novelty stuff like rolling pins, tuxedos, dual-wielded fish, revealing evening gowns, chef hats, fishing poles, Outland questing gear, etc. :P

Breakfast Topic: Is it time to implement artifacts? {WoW}

Sep 29th 2011 8:35AM Even as someone who supports the idea of "purples for all," and considers Blizzard's trend toward giving all players regardless of labor-hours spent in-game a fair shot at epics to be a fantastic thing, I can tell you exactly how a new color-coded level of gear would end. An increasingly vocal sect of casual players would cry and wail that they're not getting an equal amount of content for their $15/month, and then over the course of an expansion or two the red/yellow/brown/lavender/maroon/emerald/rainbow-level gear would become the next modern-day epics. This, in turn, would cause all the hardcore players to get their knickers in a twist that Blizzard is cheapening their accomplishments and that all casual players are bad at the game and just whine to get what they want. It would just be a repetition of the cycle that's already played out, making the whole thing a pointless exercise in the end.

In an age where we're finally seeing the casual crowd let up on their begging for a fair shot at epics, and we're finally seeing the indignant among the hardcore crowd mothball the "welfare epics" nonsense, I'd really rather not see any excuse to have it all flare up again. The fewer excuses the community has to engage in counterproductive infighting, the better.

The Queue: Attunement was awesome {WoW}

Aug 23rd 2011 2:32PM As an addendum, most of the examples I mentioned previously of Blizzard refusing to implement paladin and warlock flying mounts while adding in other class-specific things were in themselves items unique to paladins and warlocks. The paladin-unique Argent Tournament mount, tauren and draenei paladin ground mounts, gender-swapped warlock minions, I'm really not complaining about other classes having their cosmetic features updated so much as I am that Blizzard's stance on what is and is not a waste of time as far as class-specific cosmetic features seems a bit...odd. They'll take the time to make a paladin-only ground mount for the Argent Tournament, which is fairly useless to any level 80 actually doing the dailies for the Champion Seals to buy it and likely overlooked for costing nearly as much as the Argent Hippogryph and the faction-specific flying mount while still only being a ground mount, but consider a paladin flying mount to be a waste of time? That's the sort of logic I'm kind of iffy about.