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Loken the most dangerous mob in the game {WoW}

Dec 6th 2008 4:14AM Good Ol' Defias Pillager.
#74, right below Kel'Thuzad......

Countdown to Wrath Giveaway: Day 7 - BlizzCon Polar Bear Mounts {WoW}

Nov 6th 2008 5:50PM I would like to throw my name in the ring for a bear mount.

Breakfast Topic: So what sorta pet are you gonna get? {WoW}

Oct 3rd 2008 12:30PM There are lvl 68 chimera in SMV

Tiers: The past, present, and future of dungeon and raid sets {WoW}

Sep 3rd 2008 4:44PM Not true. The Blue Rep PvP pieces do not count toward the arena season pieces' set bonus.