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Ghostcrawler on the mechanics behind Armor Penetration {WoW}

Apr 19th 2009 7:07PM from most of the comments here i get the feeling that a lot of people don't understand the formula or what GC means by the numbers and constants that he put in the example. Hopefully the topic will be extrapolated upon in more detail, but the rundown is this: you ACTUALLY get LESS armor pen that the tooltip says you do, that is to say if it says you get UP TO 30% after all the math is said and done you may actually only reduce armor by 26% or something along those lines. Not all the constants GC used were for the formula, some were simply examples, so don't try to read too much into it.

Caption This! {WoW}

Sep 9th 2008 12:17PM Illidan submitted his own idea for WoW's next hero class...

Tiers: The past, present, and future of dungeon and raid sets {WoW}

Sep 3rd 2008 4:15PM i think it'll work this way:(don't misunderstand me, this is an unsubstantiated guess.) naxx-10 will drop t7, and naxx -25 will drop t-8. Then, ulduar-10 will AlSO drop t-8. and ulduar-25 will drop t-9. That way, between any version of a dungeon there is always 1 set seperation. There are some logistic issues, but far less than the other ideas, at least i think so.