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Officers' Quarters: Cross-server LFG and you {WoW}

Nov 23rd 2009 12:01PM Why not recruit through PUG raids, especially PUG raids where no one in the guild needs items so it's quick like a instance? I'm talking about OS, EoE, VoA, and Ony. You could do 5 people from guild and 5 puggers, then see how the puggers do. You could also invite only non-guild members, you could even call them tryouts. Or you could just have everyone in the guild PUG those raids and try to recruit similar to 5-man instances.

There, problem solved.

Breakfast Topic: How do you feel about the new LFG system? {WoW}

Oct 29th 2009 12:45PM @Josin Sorry, but I think you might be wrong on the gold part either. Check out the blue posts here: Looks like based on the neg feedback they are not looking to penalize pre-mades, and instead just incentivize complete randoms with Achievements and non-combat pets. But no final decision has been made on this issue.

Personally, I think the whole random v. pre-made groups debate is silly. Most of the time I grind emblems, I am usually with random groups and it is generally fine or wipes and ends quickly. I think cross-server will be the same, just shorter wait times for groups -- especially for us healers!

Patch 3.3 PTR: New LFG interface {WoW}

Oct 22nd 2009 11:02PM I am extremely happy about this addition. As a recent returnee to the WoW world (started with vanilla, took a break before BC, then took another break before 3.2), one thing that is frustrating was having the time and motivation to catch up eq wise with my guild, but having to wait around to form up a group, having to spam LFG, etc. I got all my badge gear and working on Tier 9 with my guild, but since I'll be taking a month break soon I'll probably be back on the catchup treadmill when I get back.

The only concern I have is the "I quit /afk" phenomenom that is so common in bgs. Usually at the first suggestion of a loss in games like WSG or AB, about 25% to 50% of the group bails and you are left with afking as well, eating the wait time, or finishing out the game. I hope Blizzard increases the wait penalty time if you bail on a group, say 1 hour, or forfeiting the entire gold/badge award like how the lockout mechanics work now for the daily heroic. Otherwise we are going to have a lot of people bail on a first wipe in the hopes of getting a "better" group (or one more lucky). And by the way,

Oh, and for the elitists, QQ. There is nothing wrong with encouraging a high percentage of your customers to gain satisfection from being successful in a video game. If you equate even a portion of your self-worth from pixel equipment in WoW or any video game, you are a real life loser. That is all.

8926 a test of faith for Holy priests {WoW}

Sep 11th 2008 7:55PM Jesus, enough with the old-news posts already! Why not a post about the upcoming changes announced at 2:30 pm today on the forums. Here they are, since you missed the link in the shadow priest post:


- We're going to make Holy Concentration scale with spell crit instead of just a flat %
- Divine Hymn now does a short duration heal over time effect in addition to it's crowd-control capability, and is now baked into a lot of Holy talents (Holy Reach, Divine Providence etc.)
- We improved Blessed Recovery so that it now works like Ignite (Mage), where each crit gets added into the periodic heal over time and refreshes the duration.
- Lightwell - You can now see how many charges are left in the Lightwell by clicking on it.

Do these changes mitigate the nerfs? If not, why not? What are your thoughts on the announcement that Holy is going to be the best AoE healer/o crap healer and Disc a strong individual healer? What does Blizz have to do to get there?

That's the article we want to read. In other words, less QQ more PEW PEW WoWInsider!

Shadow Priests beaten to death in the Wrath beta {WoW}

Sep 11th 2008 6:45PM I would put the edit on the top or take down the article, it's already been rendered irrelevant by the blue post you refer to.

Ghostcrawler discusses balance in 8926 {WoW}

Sep 11th 2008 5:56PM Nice update on incoming buffs for priests thread: Looks like a bunch of back and forth with the class designer.

PvE to PvP paid transfers now available {WoW}

Sep 11th 2008 5:41PM Finally, I too will get the chance to gank lower level alts and new players which will require no skill! Oh wait, that sounds really friggin boring. Do you mean people spend hours and $15/month wasting their time on that crap? More power to them I guess...

Ask a Beta Tester: Professions and gems {WoW}

Sep 9th 2008 1:01PM Mattimus made an excellent comment. The mats for eternium are going down in beta, which means more likely then not that the rod will be required for upgrade to the standard rod in WotLK. Practically, I think the strategy is that if we do not already have the runed eternium rod, we should gather mats based on the reduced amount now (which are still relatively cheap to what they will cost post-WotLK), wait to see what they cost in the Patch (when the are expected to drop), and if they don't drop scamble and buy the mats before expansion.

Ask a Beta Tester: Beta from A to Z {WoW}

Sep 8th 2008 1:22PM This actually is a question raised during the previous post. You said that you can skill up professions from 350 onwards in the expansion, so people don't need to rush to 375. This is presumably to fix the problems with mats from level 55-60 being really expensive as everyone was heading out to Outland instead of d/e'ing blues for large brilliant shards, etc. Now here's the question for the column or the folks in comments: as someone who had to recently spend way too much money on an Arcanite rod I never really used in BC, are (1) Runed Eternium Rods required to get the next rod post-expansion and (2) if so, are the mats the same for Runed Eternium Rods, in particular the 4 primal mights and the void crystals? These are expensive mats now but will probably be more expensive after the expansion as they result from grinding/cooldown/epic content that most folks will skip post-expansion. Apologies in advance if this has already been answered. Thanks!

Is Recruit-A-Friend a game-killer? {WoW}

Sep 5th 2008 7:25PM The frigtard author of this article should respond already and apologize for wasting our time.