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Is Recruit-A-Friend a game-killer? {WoW}

Sep 4th 2008 8:47PM I boost leveled up a mage up with RaF. It did not take long to get to 60 (1950 xp per kill in Ramparts @ lvl 55!). When I was 62 I got a quest reward and was shocked to see I was still wearing the Ghostly Bracers I got at lvl 5
Since I did not have to kill a single mob from lvl 10 -- lvl 60 stuff like gear was not so important. Now that I am running quests in the Outlands gear is important again ;). And really, pre-lvl 70 gear really is not that important to me since I am just going to be replacing it all in a few weeks.

I have played a mage before, just on a different server. I did not want to spend a few months leveling up the toon just so I could play with all my friends who are 70. I like RaF. I would like it more if I could just make a new toon that starts at lvl 60 - or better yet 70. There is so much end-game content in WoW that I still will have months, of play-time after I hit 70. All I really play with my 70s is battlegrounds and arena.

I think the bigger issue is that there is no easy way for a lvl 70 and a lvl 10 to group together. The only common level is 70. If I want to play with my friends I have to be lvl 70.