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Should your GM be able to tax you? {WoW}

Sep 5th 2008 9:22AM Well in my view the tax should be a Lump Sum tax as this is the most fair tax system to use. That is a fixed amount on a regular basis and not a percentance of income.
The tax will then be more like a fee for attending raid and being in the guild and not a income tax - which in some occassion will reduces the incentive of players to earn money (after they have got their epic flying mount).

Considering that some players, are almost allways broke and some players (like myself) swim in money because they put in time to farm or gamble at the AH, the actual result will be guild breakdowns as players will end up blaming each other that this and that have not given enough contributions to the guild bank.

And guilds will end up having big discussions about who have the right to participate in raids, based on how much someone have contributed in taxes.

A lump sum system of lets say 30 g per week per player will bring in a fair share of money to the GB in time and still be affordable by most players.

In regards to alts - well a tax system that considers the guild ranks may be in order in lets say

Guildleader/officers/Core Raiders pays 100 % of the fee
Casual Raiders pays 85 % (as they dont raid so much)
Social members etc. 50%
Alts 5 % or so.

well thats my view