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Blizzard introduces Dial-in Authenticator {WoW}

Nov 9th 2010 5:56PM This actually sounds better than a normal authenticator, if you regularly log in from one location (I would guess most do)

The Queue: Waffles {WoW}

May 17th 2010 11:21AM Amen to that!

Officers' Quarters: A friendly loot system {WoW}

Apr 19th 2010 9:18AM And how do you know the guy who rolled didn't need/want it just as much? As was said in the article, just because he wasn't constantly drooling over it doesn't mean its not an upgrade for him.

The guy who cried about losing is in the wrong guild if he wants a loot system that isn't based entirely on RNG.

Breakfast topic: Of Newbies and n00bs {WoW}

Jan 22nd 2009 8:11AM Clearly you're new to the concept of time zones. Look them up sometime.

No PvE servers are under populated {WoW}

Jan 9th 2009 11:57AM The easiest way to fix high lvl people ganking lowbies is to make any "honorless" kill actually make the killer loose honor, with a sliding scale depending on the level of the ganked toon. So a lvl 80 killing a lvl 75 might loose only 15-20 honor, but a lvl 80 killing a lvl 30 might loose them 400 honor.

Problem solved.

EoHs (not) exchangeable for EoVs at 10:1 on the PTR {WoW}

Jan 9th 2009 9:24AM While this sounds like a reasonable thing to do, can you please cite a source? The patch notes you link to in the first sentence mention the Valor > Heroism exchange, but nothing is mentioned about Heroism > Valor, nor can I find a blue post on the MMO-Champion tracker mentioning it...

New PTR build incoming {WoW}

Jan 8th 2009 7:00PM Maybe you guys should look at the patch notes again - this patch is hardly minor.

The Queue: Sartharion and the Twilight Dragonflight {WoW}

Dec 26th 2008 10:06PM That Mount Hyjal which of course is explored in the caverns of time raid instance :)

Breakfast Topic: Lake Wintergrasp {WoW}

Dec 10th 2008 10:28AM Because of the MASSIVE alliance imbalance on my server (Silvermoon EU - 99% ally, 1% horde - not exaggerating) Wintergrasp is incredibly boring and basically an easy honor farm every few hours, and full of miners/herbers in between.

I haven't been with out the Wintergrasp buff for more than a few minutes since LK launched.