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The Queue: The new standard {WoW}

Dec 30th 2009 5:14PM I agree with almost all of these comments, but if you have a gear level of below 2-- you cannot get into FoS, PoS, HoR. The dungeon finder shows "You do not have the required gear for this instance" So if those kids are in there doing less than 1500 dps its lazy kids with good gear. I know cause I boot them like its my job.

Breakfast Topic: What's the oldest piece of gear you use? {WoW}

Feb 13th 2009 9:22AM No idea why I keep it, but Ive never used it

Is Recruit-A-Friend a game-killer? {WoW}

Sep 5th 2008 11:42AM haha hugeeeee fanboyyyy

Is Recruit-A-Friend a game-killer? {WoW}

Sep 5th 2008 11:24AM I love this site, but this article has no merit. Recently I decided my full ally account with 5 60's and 3 70's was boring. My friend had quit and wanted to get back in etc, so we did the RAF, I dual box a RAF account attached to my main and he RAF'd to my main as well. Right now we run around 3 manning all the quests and rolling through zones.

I have leveled every single class in this game and he previously had 2 70's. The main point of my rant, if he doesn't level his "new" character I don't get levels..(yes I am a scumbag and will eventually get a free 60) We get to level it 3x as fast but who cares? its like playing till rested is gone and waiting for it to get full again. We get to group up, do quests together, run around smash noobs and hang out horde side for once. (the recruited person is leveling each level and learning his class and spells just 3x as fast)

I think RAF can be abused, but if you think about it, it isn't new people knowing how to abuse it, its old veterans who have done the whole sit through barrens chat crap before and just wanna quad box a few characters so come wrath time they have multiple choices.

As for this stupid debate. If you recruit your friend, he has to level every single level one at a time (its 3x as fast but so what) He cannot level 3x as fast if you do not level/group with him (if he waited for full rested for each level that would be 3x as fast as well, weird) So you level with a new character while you both learn each class/spells/zones and the end result is he can grant a new character of YOURS 30 levels or 35 if he gets 70.... So either way you look at it, I either have to level to 30 to get a free 60 (If you cant figure out spells by 30 don't know what to tell you) or start at 1 and get to 30. The only way this is abused is by multi boxers saving themselves time, but to me if you know what multi boxing i'm pretty sure you've played wow before.

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