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Protesters Rally as Child of Lesbian is Denied Enrollment at Catholic Kindergarten {ParentDish}

May 12th 2010 9:52PM I have no love of the Catholic church, but this is obviously a ploy by the Gay, uhm, parents. Lets try to enroll our child in a school whose professed dogma is in direct contradiction with our own beliefs; then jump up and down and act indignant when the obvious happens.

Also, the verse is "Judge not, lest you be judge, for by the measure you use, so will it be used against you." That means don't judge anyone by any standard you wouldn't want applied to yourself, not that you never judge. That is the ridiculous cop-out of our culture. "Don't judge me." Bullcrap! The bible actually demands that Christians be the judges of one another. We make judgments every day, about all manner of things, to not do so, would be folly, which defines so many of the narcissistic dimwits who are corroding the foundations of western civilization.

Is Recruit-A-Friend a game-killer? {WoW}

Sep 5th 2008 11:21AM I only read a sampling of comments. Just to be short and to the point, I think Expansions are more of a game breaker than the RaF. What happens to Kara, SSC, The Eye, BT, and Sunwell when the expansion hits. They go the way of BWL, MC, Ony, AQ40, and ZG. Forgotten memories of WoW past.

Frankly, if you have leveled a 70, you should be able to start at 55 regardless. Do you really need to jump through the pre-Outland hoops. At this moment, it all begins in outland anyway.

This will be the case when Wrath of the Lich Kings goes live. Everyone will rush to Northrend, and Outlands will be that place you pass through on your way to 80. You might PUG a Ramparts run for the quest gear, maybe even another mid 70s 5 man, but that's about it. You'll charge forward dillegently towards 80, the way I ground my latest 70 right past all the Outland 5 mans.

What does bug me about RaF, is the desire to pour on "rewards" to new players. What about veteran players. Yes, there are quest events like Brewfest. But what about just rewarding players who have payed your subscription costs for 2 and 3+ years? How about giving them a unique mount, or triple XP for their next new character. That's what really bothers me more.