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Elijah Wood to Reprise Frodo Role in 'The Hobbit' {Moviefone Blog}

Jan 7th 2011 10:09AM It's definitely a different angle they're playing it. I'm curious as to how well it will work considering the many changes that may be required. I understood many of the changes they made from Lord of the Rings novels to films because the Tolkein's writing style would likely not transition well to dialogue (very wordy man - even if they are many a gem). The Hobbit, on the other hand, is a more straight forward, traditional, tale in structure and writing. Seems to me they're going to be doing a lot of playing around to add that epic scope.

Shelf Life: The Apartment {Moviefone Blog}

Jan 4th 2011 8:18PM While his morality may be debatable, I truly believe Lemmon makes CC Baxter lovable. Without him in the role it would likely be a more drawling/cynical character.

One movie I think serves rather well in relation to this is Wilder's The Fortune Cookie. It may be best known as the first Lemmon-Matthau, but it's a great example of Wilder's ability to create enjoyable situations through not the most likable characters. Granted, the ending is a bit too 'hollywood' rubbish.

New Movie Ad Technology Makes You See Logos When You Close Your Eyes {Moviefone Blog}

Dec 23rd 2010 9:57AM This will never catch on. Just how frustrated would you get after you've seen this commercial for the fifth time and they keep telling you to close your eyes. It's a one time gimmick at best.

'TRON: Legacy' vs. 'Avatar': How Do the Two Blockbusters Match Up? {Moviefone Blog}

Dec 17th 2010 9:40AM Great Writeup! Really helped me to piece together where I should set my expectation level for when I eventually watch Tron: Legacy.

Movie News Quick Hits: Kevin Bacon is Obsessed With... Kevin Bacon {Moviefone Blog}

Dec 2nd 2010 2:42PM Blade 2 is one of those weird films where I know a lot of fans of the first that hate it, but I believe it's the best in the series. Those posters are awesome as well.

I'll only watch Scorpion King 3 (there was a 2?) if Zane whips out the Phantom costume. Anything short of that and it's a no sell.

Don't Trust Opening Weekends: 'Kick-Ass' Wasn't a Bomb After All {Cinematical}

Sep 8th 2010 9:29AM I'd put people's obsession with opening weekends as the decider on success right up there with the obsession of Domestic sales. Add to that all the merchandising, and eventual DVD sales, and many turn out far more profitable than what a single glance at the domestic (and especially opening day) ever show.

Great post and great article by Barnes!

Should IMDb be Allowed to Post Birthdates? {Cinematical}

Jun 17th 2010 8:10PM Very good points, but you fail to realize that this is all because IMDB secretly schemes with studio executives to... ah hell, these people are stupid and grasping at straws for a small pence of publicity.

I would vote a better option than blaming IMDB is telling your older actors to play roles closer to their age. Try and encourage writers to include roles for people in the mid-40's+ (you know roles like parents - oh wait they do have those).

Or, if you're in your 40's and really struggling to get work though you've been in the business 20+ years. I hate to be mr. negative, but perhaps a career change is in order?

Directors We Love: Akira Kurosawa {Cinematical}

May 31st 2010 7:48PM Hard to deny my love for Kurosawa. Dedicated 23 straight days of March to his films in honor of the 100th. Great post, love his films to death, and hope more and more mainstream film goers open up to him.

I mean imagine this, without Kurosawa there may well have been:
1) No Star Wars (Hidden Fortress had major impact on storytelling and Lucas' visual style)
2) No Clint Eastwood/Sergio Leone (Fistful of Dollars direct remake of Yojimbo)
3) No Modern Action film (use of slow motion for dramatic effect coupled with the group of heroes, thanks to Seven Samurai)
4) No Magnificent Seven (which helped break in Steve McQueen)
5) The dozens of films which have used three multiple false narrative technique of Rashomon (Courage Under Fire, Hero, even Singer acknowledged its impact on Usual Suspects)

Sorry for the rant, but I do love him quite well :)

What's the Worst Movie You've Ever Seen? 'Batman & Robin'? {Cinematical}

Feb 3rd 2010 1:35PM Dragonball Evolution from this past year achieved new levels of low. I remember seeing It's Pat one night... I still have nightmares. Though out of all the movies I've had the misfortune of seeing I'd still say: From Justin to Kelly is the most god awful thing I've ever seen. It's suicide to view ratio has to be close to 1.

Rejoice! 'Stomp the Yard 2' is Shooting Right Now! {Cinematical}

Nov 15th 2009 3:58PM Well, I have seen Stomp the Yard, and I shall spend the rest of the day morning this news... Though I think your plot would have been more fun :)