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Twinking post patch 3.1 {WoW}

Apr 17th 2009 10:42AM I see your point from the leveling toon. Yes, that might suck to walk into a BG and get spanked every time that you spawn. I understand that it sucks going into some pvp and not having any chance at winning and how much that sucks.

I tried to start an arena team mid way through season 2 and got spanked before I even started. I was under geared for the situation and they worked to get that gear, but it still took the fun out of it for me.

On the other hand, that same team that won in arena, do you think that they wanted to walk over someone or try for the challenge?

Most twinks want to face other twinks. Most don't want to 2-shot some lowbie. They want to work to get their toon geared and compete against other geared toons for the challenge of it.

As a side note, why do leveling alts complain about BGs? It is temporary for you. You don't get xp, you dont stick around long enough to get the gear or if you do, it will be replaced by something in a few levels. What is the point about complaining about it? Its like saying "I hate leveling in Westfall" and demanding that it be changed. You may not like it, but others do like it and you don't have to stay and level there.

I support the changes that were in the patch. I think that it leveled the playing field for twinks vs. twinks more. Yes, I do have a twink. I find the gearing up more fun than the actual BGs personally.

Here is my last question. If BGs gave xp or twinks were done away with, how many people do you think there would be queued up for a 20-29 BG at any given time? If anything, leveling alts should thank twinks. If not for them, there would not be any low level pvp.

World of Warcraft listed as one of the 30 most offensive games {WoW}

Jan 9th 2009 5:54PM The first thing that I want to point out is this...

If you read down to the bottom where is gives the "scores" of each thing, it rates the violence and sexual references as a 1 of 3. The addictive nature of the game is the part that makes it a "bad" game in their point of view.

There is the key here, it is their point of view, and when I say their, I mean the author, not the religion as a whole. This article is for people buying games for their kids. This was not written as a guide to game buying for the masses. Any mature, adult has the right to decide what to do on their own.

With that said, here is my opinion. This list was out of order. It should not have been written. It should be burned and replaced with an article on how to raise and parent your children. If you think a game is too addictive for your kid, don't let them play it for long periods of time. If a game is too violent, talk with them and explain violence to them.

There have been a lot of statements about christianity being hypocritical in their beliefs. The author is very much and needs to reevaluate what he believes. Most christians do not think that violence is a "hands off" type of thing. It is the context of the violence that makes it good or bad. Personally, I learned at a young age that games are fiction and that is where it stays.

"While attacking all Christians isn't great- understand why people do so: The good ones are quiet."

This is a true statement. The problem is this, if you think nothing is wrong, do you shout it from the rooftops? Here is an example, my house isn't on fire, do I need to tell the fire department that? No, they only get called when something is wrong. This man thinks there is something wrong in these games, so he is making it known.

Countdown to Wrath Giveaway: Day 2 - 60-day game time card {WoW}

Nov 11th 2008 1:12PM Here we go again.