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Breakfast Topic: When is it too much WoW? {WoW}

Jan 3rd 2010 5:48PM I've taken some 2 months off here and there.

Usually though my breaks include taking a day or 2 off, after having slowed my time down to a couple heroics a day, and then returning like i've never played wow before and get stuck right back into it playing for 8+ hours a day again :p

But if you're to put this in a graph, I'll just say I take a fortnight off every few months or so.

Updated Armory app features Find an Upgrade, saved talent builds {WoW}

Dec 15th 2009 9:18PM Working pretty fine on my iPhone 3G, always has been, the only problem i've had in the past is if you open the app too quickly after unlocking your iPhone while it connects to a wi-fi network, it fails to login automatically.

Just tested this now, and it seems to have been fixed, my app logged in properly this time round :D

Yes, we know some stores have Cataclysm release dates {WoW}

Dec 13th 2009 6:59PM I often pre-order from EB Games here in Aus, with WoW games i've had a lot of issues getting my hands on collectors editions, the next day after it comes out, i go around to stores but can't find any so, pre-ordering from EB this time round will hopefully help me out.

The other thing I like about pre-ordering is, i can head down there at midnight and collect my copy, i know it's not a must, i can always go get it the next day, but it's fun to head down there with friends, que up with hundreds of other people that play the game, talk to them etc. I couldn't do that if i didn't pre-order the game.

Dungeon Finder tricks and tips {WoW}

Dec 13th 2009 6:42PM Jubei'Thos has always rolled Need for these, i think it starts out in the early expansion where people feel since just about everyone can make use of them, and no-one wants to have it ninja'd, everyone just rolls need so there is no way for 1 person to take the advantage.

Personally, i'd actually like to see blizzard perhaps add something special for items such as frozen orbs, where you don't actually even have to roll, or make them considered greed only items, disabling the need button like they have with gear that is not suitable for your class.

Patch 3.3 goes live Tuesday {WoW}

Dec 7th 2009 9:24PM Looks like Turpster wins, well done mate ;)

The Queue: Still wishing for weather {WoW}

Nov 24th 2009 5:15PM I wish they would add more weather to the game too, it really does bring a much fuller atmosphere. Here's the patch note from 1.10 which came out about a week before I started playing, I remember reading the notes and thinking, 'sweet, there's more to come' but it never did.

Weather has been introduced in the following areas around Azeroth:
Elwynn Forest
Tirisfal Glades
Dun Morogh
Alterac Mountains
Stranglethorn Vale
Un'Goro Crater
We will be adding more weather to the world as time progresses; this is simply the beginning!"

Unofficial Cataclysm Alpha/Beta FAQ {WoW}

Nov 10th 2009 5:31PM It's on you account management page.

if you go to and login, you will see a 'beta opt-in' link, click that and you can opt-in to Diablo, Starcraft, and Warcraft beta invites, simple.

Breakfast Topic: How random your dungeon is {WoW}

Nov 8th 2009 5:24PM Just curious to know 'when' you get the gold reward for running a PuG instance?

It seems it's there basically to provide incentive to pug, so if you're afraid of wipes, you get some gold to pay for repairs.

But 'when' do you get this reward? upon joining the group? upon killing the last boss? killing the first boss?

If it's as soon as you enter, you could do that every 15 mins and get 68g for nothing(though 68g in 15 mins isn't a lot)

If it's at the end, but the group fails, wipes heaps, and then falls apart, then you you don't get the extra gold for repairs?

also, i'm really looking forward to this, both from a heroic grinding PoV, and for low level alts who take hours to find grps currently within my own server.

Blizzard launches real money in-game pet store {WoW}

Nov 4th 2009 5:14PM Why do people always forget that blizzard are a company, in the business of making money? This step makes perfect sense, we already know that is going to have a sort of in-built store for purchasing mods for SCII, with of course some of the profit going towards the developers themselves in that case.

As soon as I read the title of this post on my RSS feed, i new there would be uproar about blizzard being money grabbing douchebags, but then i noticed that some of the proceeds are going to charity, which i thought was cool. Hopefully in the future with this pets store, they will have more charity items on sale too.

I know i'm going to be buying both of these pets asap, i mean $10, aint that bad considering the prices of some of the TCG loot on ebay, and this goes straight into blizzard, which means more developers, more man hours spent on the games we love, and more content coming out quicker than ever.

I'm 100% behind this idea, and i look forward to seeing more in-game vanity items going on sale in the near future.

and 1 last thing, if you're not for this idea, and dont' think a Pandaren monk is worth $10US, dont' buy something if you don't think the price is worth it, no sense in complaining about it, just don't buy it.

PTR Patch 3.3: Patch notes updated {WoW}

Oct 28th 2009 12:19AM okay then, so if some1 who rolls DE wins it, the tuff titties, they can't trade you the item within' the 2 hour window, the only way you're going to get gear like this is if you announce at the start of the run you want it so every1 passes if it drops, OR, if the winner only selected greed, and of course is willing to trade it to you.

oh well, i'm not usually one to go below my armour proficiency, the way the game is today, there is almost always something of your armour type and 9 times out of 10, it's probably better suited to you anyway.

was just curious how this would work is all, like i said, i'm not one to care much if i miss out of some leather stuff that's an upgrade at the time, i usually know what the mail piece is that's usually more appropriate for me anyway.