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Noblegarden tentatively rescheduled for April 26th {WoW}

Apr 6th 2009 6:30AM Blizz please release 3.1 on the 21st.

The 14th collides with the Orthodox Easter and releasing it during a religious holiday of a part of the players would be partial as many wont be able to enjoy Ulduar.

25-man gear should not be better than 10-man gear {WoW}

Apr 1st 2009 2:31PM M,

I'm not looking a Sunwell level difficulty, a pre-nerf archimonde/council/illidan is fine and they definately havent excluded that.

10 mans are very easy, not that 25 mans atm are hard, but 10 mans are just too easy (sarth+3d excluded). I dont see how you dont accept that, look at the boss hitpoints in each case, divide by 10 and 25 respectively and see the dps required. 25 man buffs dont cover the gap...

25-man gear should not be better than 10-man gear {WoW}

Apr 1st 2009 8:07AM 25 mans are harder than 10 mans, and 25 man achievs are also harder, apart from the badly tuned 3d Sarth. 6 min malygos is not remotly hard in 10 man and is a pita in 25 mans.

25 mans are harder, they require more organisation and they deserve the better loot. In fact imho the ilvl gap should be even larger, as it was promised, not a little bit less than a full tier ilvl gap.

dont QQ with everything, 10 mans are a good move, it doesnt lock casuals into Kara/ZA, but they are easy mode fights and dont require too large coordination, having legendaries dropping from 10 mans would be fail 100%. Legendaries should be hard to obtain and only in 25 mans. Fragments for the legendary mace should only drop from 25 man (fully) hardmode bosses

Ofc server firsts should be given only from 25 mans, else people will stop doing raids and will only do 10 man runs. This is a raiding game and if it boils down to free legendarys from 10 man pugs it will lose all its feeling. Soon people will ask for legendaries from 5 man dungeons :/ dont QQ, 10 mans are a great step for the casuals but this is still a raiding game.

The drama of DKP {WoW}

Mar 18th 2009 11:19PM Imo fixed priced dkp systems are inherently flawed, the person with the most dkp gets all the loot and the rest of the raid sits in sub par gear.

Apart from that its not a matter of dkp or loot council (I prefer dkp), its a matter of corrupt management or not. Infamous examples:

- You can leave dkp unreset through expansions so that some people can go grab their t7 with Karazhan dkp, or you can skip running heroics and say ooh I need that upgrade more than him, I still got my t6 pants.

- You can arrange the spots not with raid viability in mind, but rather with what drops in mind

- You can invent silly rules, eg the Malygos neck quest item goes to officers first because they must be able to summon Malygos (all of them...)

- You can deny cross armor type loot distribution to classes and if you want your cross armor item simpy dont bing slong the guy that can get it.

- You can bypass any loot rules by sticking labels like eg "this is a healer item" to items which are clearly not healer only.

- You can require the rest to rotate but not rotate yourself in order to gather dkp or simply have more chances to "upgrade"

- You can pass real upgrades in Naxx, stay with your heroes t7 /roll pieces so that you can grab Icecrown gear because you need the upgrade more or because you have , simply put, hoarded dkp.

- You can prevent your raiders from puging while at the same time they have not been given spots and reset is next day, sure thing to keep the economy closed and make them spend dkp.

- You can deny people running Naxx25 for a month (/gkick else), you can slack in that time, let them clear Naxx 10 while you are picking flowers, they get 0 dkp out of that and then say now we can start doing 25 mans. the 10 fools clear 25 man for the rest 15 who get carried along (zero tacts knowledge, undergeared etc), then dkp switches on and a people that were being carried get the loot.

Rather luckily, I dont have to put up with that kind of sheeet anymore, the guild to where I belong, is very well managed and we use dkp. But the real point is that the management is good, non-corrupt, rules are made with raid improvement in mind and officers dont bend.

Seen all of that tho in the past and tbh I know servers where only 4-5 guilds arent managed by lewthog officers. Guilds which do the above things will never have an elite progression just because of their totally flawed management, but I really pitty their members who get the raids going so that officers can ninja what they want.

Blizzard's new raid model and why it works {WoW}

Mar 17th 2009 10:16PM In greens I doubt it as well, but in t6 gear its pretty much normal. heroics blues are also very nice and very close to Naxx 10 gear I dont understand why you mention blues as something of low callibour, imho the only difference between ilvl 200 blues and most Naxx 10 epics is that Naxx 10 epics are better itemized.

Also if you lack in 3-4 gear slots, farming heroics for 2 afternoons can solve that in addition with a Heroism piece you will be able to grab from vendor, rep rewards and some of the (admittedly really nice) craftables that exist (ring, neck, cloak +1-2 more pieces depending on class). I geared up for Naxx in 2 days, went in with BT/MH/t6 epics plus some heroic drops, craftables & badge offhand. Tbc gear was ofc the weakest link and replacing that would take another 2 days at most, its not hard to be efficiently geared for Naxx.

Regarding PTR, you are aware that Uldu bosses are on PTR only for a couple of hours? that PTR is buggy as hell and dcs all the raid oftenly?, Uldu ptr is just a taste of Ulduar, it cannot be granted as significant raid experience.

Reagrding Ensidia, no-one can really tell what they did if they werent with them at that time. Personaly I have no clue how they leveled in ptr & raided there, how can you be so certain? there are posts from ex-members accusing the rest that they "slacked" and didnt even bother to level but waited for the lvl 80 premade toons, this may trash talk, it also may not be trash talk, no-one knows. How can you be certain what Ensidia did? I really doubt most server firsts were done from months of practice on ptr.

After all if you look at the server first, 2nd and 3rd clearing of Naxx, in many servers they took place within 2-3 weeks, not months, of wotlk release, so no-one is insulting your intelligence, a plain fact insults nobodys intelligence, it is what it is, a fact.

Blizzard has tuned down the content, while I agree that this is not a bad thing, as more people get to see more content, its also limiting the options of the more dedicated players. Most people I know ask for unlocking 1-2 bosses only for those who did the hard modes, I dont see how this will be bad for more casual players, Blizzard will do this in Ulduar and I really hope this happens in every new raid dungeon as well.

Also I will repeat, if easy mode Arthas in t9 gear is equally hard to any t7 hard mode fight in t7 gear, then it will be a disapointing fight, a final encounter should feel like a final encounter and it should scale appropriately in difficulty, else it just doesnt feel as a proper goal, it doesnt involve any progression.

To sum up, yes wotlk content seems undertuned, this is not bad as more people see more stuff & do more things, but you dont have to lose temper because some people cleared it all fast & want to be able to unlock 1-2 additional highly tuned bosses through hard modes.

how you can guarrantee that "all these twits are crappy DPS carried through by skilled tanks and healers", is really beyond me, `spooky action at a distance' I guess.
Naturally, no-one is going to give you his toon name for one because demanding after insulting is totally ridiculus. If you want to see proof, wws reports are there for you to look at them, go to realm 1st/2nd/3rd Kel kills and see wws reports. I hope you wont find online damage meters insulting your intelligence as well, but oh dear, at least damage meters dont call people twits.

Blizzard's new raid model and why it works {WoW}

Mar 17th 2009 2:20PM ^^ read my post, like 2 posts up. Really, not knowing people personaly gives you no right to shittalk to them, if you want sensible answers, phrase what you want to say sensibly as well

Blizzard's new raid model and why it works {WoW}

Mar 17th 2009 1:02PM If you dont mind me asking, is that the attitude you carry with you at work/social events/family? I highly doubt it, but testosterone must be getting high behind a keyboard for some lately.

Blizzard's new raid model and why it works {WoW}

Mar 17th 2009 12:45PM First of of all I would like to say I consider myself fairly hardoce, I am mentioning this so that my POV is clear.

- I agree that Kara/ZA is not enough content for casual players, 10 mans are an excellent idea. Casual players, in smaller guilds now will have a small sized raid at *each* tier of content

- I also agree with having several levels of difficulty to each encounter. It allows people to see more content and anyhow its alot better than wiping your ass at a boss and then having it nerfed. Now achievement is registered in the mode you played the encounter and its not like "you killed Kael nice" and in a couple of months "LFM TK no greens". All can see the encounter, those who did it in hard mode get something out of it :)

- It is also very welcome that hard modes will drop better loot, its rewarding and sensible without preventing anyone to gear up. Dropping a mount is really a frustrating reward for a non-trivial encounter, better loot for harder fights is on the right track.

Now to the point to where I dont agree, and I am expecting sensible discussion here, not flames.

I want 1-2 fights to be hard as content progresses. Achievments are nice but at the end you feel less achievement by downing a boss that anyone can down in an easier mode. Many good players & friends have quit because of this they dont get the same satisfaction from the game anymore.

Hard encounters makes the fight more interesting, I mean what would C'Thun be if he wasnt harder than ragnaros to beat? he has to be a stronger entity, he has to be more complicated, it must take some wipes to get the job done not just a pure faceroll.

This can be done by unlocking 1-2 bosses on *each* new raid only if you have completed the other ones in hard mode and for these bosses, please no ez mode, medium mode and hard mode options, just let us enjoy wiping abit :)

Also please make the final boss (probably Arthas) hard, its the whole point to have a "journey" with friends, gear up and skill up in order to face the ultimate evil in Northrend. If its just pure faceroll, imho having a t7 raid in hard mode (in t7 gear) being of similar difficulty with Arthas easy mode in t9 gear kinda makes the fight less interesting.

To sum up, not restricting people to Kara/Za is good, but have 1-2 optional bosses to be *only* in hard mode (or just pre-wotlk mode) and make the final encounter feel like it was worth purchasing the expansion.

Are disenchanters getting robbed by rolls? {WoW}

Feb 21st 2009 7:06PM Well not that I dont shard BoP blues but here's an answer for people with your attitude,

Its not hard to find heroics groups, its very easy, most people have a tank/dps/healer in Naxx gear and any spot thats needed by friends they can fill. People can also make their own groups and kick those who demand sharding. So big deal that you do that with your groups, no-one really cares.

The demand 1 shard policy seems nice and fair for the skill you are offering, I will be doing it as well when I do a pug run. This or some gold, as people charge a fee for DEing in /trade.

Are disenchanters getting robbed by rolls? {WoW}

Feb 21st 2009 3:09PM okey, if you were just talking about BoP blues/purples, then yes not sharding them is silly. I always shard BoP blues as well, why not turn junk into something useful?

Reason I made a negative tone reply is that I have seen people from lfg asking to do the same with greenies. Imo greenies should be just /greed. The enchanter doesnt have infinite bag space and I dont see why I should bother keeping track of the many greens that drop, what they sharded into etc instead of enjoying the run :). ofc for the 4 BoP blues/epics that will drop from a 5 man this is not an issue.