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You don't have to tolerate racism in WoW {WoW}

Jan 18th 2009 7:33PM On my server, laughing skull, i frequently see race baiting comments made. I report all of them. I think teen aged boys are the majority of players in wow and teenaged boys like to test the rules. ive gottetn a few of them banned and i think they are learning that blizz is drawing a line in the sand. if you can be fired from a software company, for instance, for using such language, why should those employees tolerate it from hostile, obnoxious adolescent males. i enjoy reporting them, because i know how many SW engineers and systems ppl are "black" (indian, pakistani ect..)

Tribute to Georges Yared: Jimmy Page, Led Zeppelin and Listerine {BloggingStocks}

Sep 10th 2008 12:37AM I have never been to this blog before, i found it googling Jimmy Page. I am sorry for the loss of George, and as a fellow LedZeppelin fan(atic), Let me say unequivocaly that this post has made me very happy. I could not believe that Jimmy Page would jerk his fans around the way its been happening recently, and now I dont have to. I know he isnt. Thank you George.

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