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Insider Trader: Profession-specific buffs part 2 {WoW}

Jun 12th 2009 3:42PM I'd just like to point out that, for the engineering perks, the hand rocket USED to reset the swing timer, but that was changed in 3.1, and it no longer does. In addition, with the change of its cooldown to 45sec, it's generally considered the superior dps enchant to Hyperspeed Accelerators.

Finally, I wish people would consider Saronite Bombs ( to be an additional dps perk. They're off the GCD, they don't reset your swing timer, they do AoE dmg comparable to the palm rocket, though it can't crit. They don't trigger the 10sec collective Engineering cooldown, and they're dirt cheap to make in large quantities. A stack of saronite bars and 4 unstable triggers will give you upwards of a hundred bombs.

Two Bosses Enter: Gal'darah vs. Krystallus {WoW}

Feb 26th 2009 2:42PM If there's anything we've learned from playing the game, it's that even stone breaks if you hit it hard enough with an axe. Otherwise, how're players supposed to beat stone entities? Obviously, if your spear is strong enough and fast enough, it can impale a stone giant.

I'm gonna give it to Gal'darah. Even allowing the use of Shatter, I still discount it as a major source of damage. Gal'darah sucked a god's soul, for goodness sake, I think he's powerful enough to shatter a giant.

Giving Engineering a little self-buff {WoW}

Feb 23rd 2009 6:03PM Yeah, I feel for tailors as well. Their personal cloak enchants are, from what I can tell, side-grades to the general enchant equivalents, if not slightly worse or better. It's hard to tell.

If they are worse, then I hope the next round of tailor cloak enchants are better.

Nevertheless, at least you do have cheap spellthread, unlike engineers, who's only useful tinker is, for most specs, a complete joke.

Back to the Horde {WoW}

Feb 1st 2009 7:00PM See, your attitude towards the NE defense of their lands reveals your hypocrisy. The trees weren't just trees to the NE, they're almost sacred parts of the balance of nature. Furthermore, the Orcs were INVADING NE territory. If some foreign army started moving in to Durotar and taking all the stuff and destroying what you cherished about the place, you can bet that they'd be repulsed by the orcs, and probably slaughtered.

Furthermore, your attitude at the end there, where you're like, Screw you, you killed our people, like hell we care now, we're going to get our lumber here, and if you try and stop us, we'll get revenge for our people you killed" is exactly the same as the Alliance attitude towards the Horde. "Your people have committed atrocities against us. So we're gonna mess you up."

And you have the gall to blame the alliance. you're just the same.

Back to the Horde {WoW}

Feb 1st 2009 2:14PM I'll say first, that I don't mind much of Horde. The Tauren especially are pretty decent ppl in my eyes. I do hate the Forsaken, though. Anything that's dead, and still walking around should be put back in ground. And if all you have driving you is revenge, and you have no joy or positive emotional stake at all in this world, then you should leave it. Survival is a means to an end, not the end itself.

I do prefer the Alliance though, on the whole. The Alliance is steeped in a strength of tradition that really appeals to me. The world has changed, and the Alliance races are struggling to come to terms with the changes, to maintain (and in some cases regain) the nobility and goodness that defines them. They are, scarred and brutalized by the wars, and are desperately trying to hold the borders in an increasingly hostile and evil world. Some might see this as living in the past. I see it as noble to struggle to maintain your goodness through the bad times, in the hope that good times will come again.

My true love is for the Dwarves, though. Magni is my King, and Varian can go to hell for all I care. The Dwarves possess an extreme strength of character, of durability. They are like the mountains in which they live--strong and unmoving, with withering heights that reach the heavens, and with deep roots that will outlast the winters.

The dwarven thirst for knowledge really appeals to me as well. They seek the mysteries of the world, or their origins and the origins of the other races. They realize that knowledge is often its own reward, and that the best way to move forward is by first understanding the past.

The ethics of a botched deal, redux {WoW}

Dec 16th 2008 1:47AM So....
The customer insists on giving a tip--your BS is in the clear here.

Your blacksmith vendored the mace and kept the gold that apparently neither party cared too much about-- moral gray area.

you basically gkicked the guy for being happy about catching a lucky break, and for communicating that to his "friends."

If I found a hundred dollar bill in some gutter, I sure as hell wouldn't be sad about it, even if I am technically benefitting from someone else's misfortune.

Note to self---keep good news to yourself. You never know who's gonna take issue.