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Boozing 27 year-old chokes mom over WoW {WoW}

Feb 16th 2010 9:32AM it's wow-related and socially topical. try and exert some semblance of willpower and force your eyeballs to look elsewhere if it doesn't interest you.

The Daily Grind: Greener grass {Massively}

Jul 5th 2009 12:04PM switched from alliance (since release) to horde fairly recently...and imo, there are definitely quests that make you feel like a dick, especially up in northrend. its tempered with an array of "good" quests, but for the most part i was given the impression that the ratio of "dicks" vs "nobles" was higher than the alliance side. *shrug*...still fun tho. and i did enjoy the tauren starting area the second most (after ne's)...very mellow.

Faction changes coming to the World of Warcraft {WoW}

Jun 29th 2009 5:24PM blarghargh! where was this when i rerolled horde!?! (from a dk to a dk no less) sigh...

Mountain Dew Battle Bots now live {WoW}

Jun 9th 2009 5:31PM people will bitch and whine about anything...even a free pet in a f*cking game.

The many uses of Shadowmeld {WoW}

Jan 8th 2009 3:17PM i tried using shadowmeld to run away from a beserk rasuvious going apesh*t on everybody. yea...he has stealth detect. $%#!

Ghostcrawler's tips on Loken {WoW}

Dec 16th 2008 11:15AM then a good number of people are "retards"...and you must the like, super awesome. gg, collect your trophy.

Blizzard releases Wrath Gate trailer in HD {WoW}

Dec 12th 2008 5:03PM if you have any insight into cg cinematics, then you should know this is wishful thinking. its a long and painful process...and if utilizing the in-game render engine lets them make more in-game cut scenes, then im all for that.

Breakfast topic: The good old days {WoW}

Dec 12th 2008 9:46AM *sigh*...i guess waxing nostalgic can make any piece of trash smell better. 40-mans=the suck, ss/tm was a gank-fest, non-connected flight points, one ah per faction, multi-day long av's that meant no honor for joo, the skill-less honor grind, one person having the key to get into ubrs (and you paying them 15g), the list goes on.

i don't miss much from vanilla wow, and the game is only getting better.

Riding Crops and similar items to be removed {WoW}

Sep 11th 2008 3:59PM i got toasted by skyshatter how many times to get my whip??? oh noes meteor!! oh noes falling into the void!!! =( give me something for my suffering.