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Recent Nvidia drivers causing catastrophic failures {WoW}

Mar 5th 2010 1:49PM "related to the fan control"

sooo, if i've replaced the card's fan with a water-cooling component i should be good, right?

The Queue: Roflstomping bosses in patch 4.0.2 {WoW}

Feb 10th 2010 4:29PM
"Will Blizzard make the same mistake again?"

i don't think it was a mistake.

i think it was only the first of many times since that blizzard has intentionally made what was formerly lusted-after an inaccessible, accessible briefly before it's obsolete.

i won't be surprised in the least if the content patch after 3.3 (i still think we'll see something else, maybe even just a small one like toc, before cata) gets nerfed so that everyone that was lusting to kill kael-in-disguise-as-lichking-bolivar will get the chance to in normal mode during the lead-in-to-patch events of the second sundering.

The Lawbringer: Contracts and the achievement tracker {WoW}

Feb 9th 2010 4:22AM
err, then again, all things considered, it's probably no worse than google archiving stupid forum arguments over video games, and i suppose i'm entirely over-reacting.

The Lawbringer: Contracts and the achievement tracker {WoW}

Feb 9th 2010 4:17AM
"did you even read the article?"

are you fishing for an uncivil response with such a question? i'm tempted.

i just looked up the urban legend that came to my mind when thinking of this, and it's not true, but i'll throw it out there anyway, story goes: a man gets an automatic traffic ticket photo mailed to him and his wife opens it to find him and another woman in the photo of the speeding car, divorces him.

other reasons this story wouldn't work spring to mind now that i consider it, but regardless, my natural reaction is to imagine these exemptions to the norm. it's obviously a powerful parenting tool as there's all the evidence of gameplay necessary to moderate it. but what about the college student who's now paying their own bills but their parents can still see the gameplay time during finals week? because the interested party already makes the identifying connection without wow's intervention, the college student hasn't the right to exclude that information anymore?

in short, i don't think wow even has to be the one to make the personal identity connection to make the information invasive. but even before confirming the traffic ticket story as false, i'm quick to agree that it's far-fetched for something related to the player log to rise to legally actionable, but i don't want to say impossible either. whether its actionable or not, i think an option to hide or show the log might be a worthwhile feature. the kill count log in the stats window is sufficient for other purposes already.

The Lawbringer: Contracts and the achievement tracker {WoW}

Feb 9th 2010 1:08AM
re: "Got that? Blizzard isn't posting your information on; they are posting their information"

ianal, but i would hope that while a detailed player activity log might be their property, i don't think that precludes its invasiveness when made public. if a public mall made their security tapes streaming online and archived, i think there'd be issues somehow.

info this fine-grained over a set as large as the wow playerbase is powerful.. i can't predict whether it'll be used more positively or negatively. i can imagine useful mods and i can imagine goldsellers somehow turning it to their advantage as well.

Jay Mohr is hosting BlizzCon again {WoW}

Feb 4th 2010 6:04PM
i'm still not over the things his wife did to her face...


Raid/PuG habits should be kept separate {WoW}

Jan 18th 2010 6:52PM quoting jong ( who himself was referencing a baseball analogy of Ari's (

"I’m willing to carry the scrubbiest nubs with no complaints. It’s not because I’m trying to heal the world and make it a better place for you and for me and for anti-human race. I couldn’t care less about them. I love me, and since they’re not me, I don’t care.

I’m willing to carry them, because I’ve conducted a cold, objective cost-benefit analysis, and the benefits of quietly carrying them exceed the emotional cost of getting involved with them in any sort of way.

RNG heroic is a neighborhood drunk JV t-ball league. It’s easier to slug out 5 grand slams by myself than trying to enlighten them with Yoplait contest messages: Come on! TRY at least! Please Try Again."

i'm on the opposite end of the personality spectrum from jong, but oddly enough we seem to come to the same conclusions a lot. i love helping people for it's own sake, but there's a minimum efficiency to anything i do in wow before there's other things i have to do more, and if you're not a reasonably fast learner...

Spiritual Guidance: Disciplined raid healing {WoW}

Jan 17th 2010 10:42PM
a raidmember finally set up worldoflogs just recently and i finally got to parse all through it for my own disc priest's icc25 run. i was thrilled to see myself at the top of all the fights i knew (full disclosure against 'cool story bros': but i wasn't on the fights i was still learning) it's also validating to see that my logparses match those screenshots for the most part, in terms of spells used.

then just yesterday, the day after doing that, i ran in a gdkp toc25 for some spare cash as a carry healer, and some druid is complaining that only 2 ppl (not incl me) are anywhere reasonable on the healing meters (fine with me, ppl weren't dying, i'm there to carry ppl that want to buy gear anyway). after a couple bosses of suffering it quietly i'm finally "get an absorbs meter and stfu about heals". at the end lead's like "man, that was smoother than usual, and oh ya btw disc was top heals". woot more validation. so ya i'm pretty fine with it as it is, some people know its value and others don't, which ends up being a fair way to gauge who you're dealing with.

there's so much i agree with in this post, but analytical as i am, here are a few things i'd contest:

>"In the hardest of progression content, I do not encourage cross healing!"
99.9% true, but i'd throw in, if ANYone is to be left as the free-agent to back up either the tank or raid heals, we're best equipped. whether tank or aoe heals got bonespiked by marrowgar, we can react fast and well to cover the slack.

>"you may be tempted to use your AoE heals. I strongly suggest against this."
i completely disagree re: POH. certainly on the lower end of cast%, but definitely a useful tool. not to be spammed, but i still glyph for it over a mana reduction in flash heal, and i enjoyed the tier bonus when i had it. i LOVE to time a poh to land immediately after a decimate on the healer group so they can go about their business on the rest of the raid less panicked. during a tympanic tantrum i'd frequently pair shielding the lowest person in the raid w/ (thus hasting the) POH, and repeat. if the other heals are slack that might mean as many as 3 shield-poh's, or as few as one. we're not mana efficient enough to be aoe heals for a length of time, but for short durations we certainly have the mana to spare; i'm not running out, though i'd never cast it unless i expect just about 0 overheal. and of course power infused divine hymns w/ all our crit are our meter-padding once-per-encounter reset button ^_^n that's why i love 10man festergut so much: i feel we really shine switching from full aoe mode shieldspam and poh to full single target pennance flash heal and pain suppression.

Blizzard giving serious consideration to mandatory authenticators {WoW}

Jan 8th 2010 1:05PM
uh, what's the stock symbol for the manufacturer of blizzard's authenticators? i uh, have to make a phone call....

The Moviewatch 2009 Highlight Reel, IV {WoW}

Jan 1st 2010 7:34PM my fav this year was 'world of warcrack'