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Arcane Brilliance: Stealing spells for fun and profit {WoW}

Apr 17th 2010 2:21PM This only makes me want to play a mage even more!

Scattered Shots: Rhok out with your Lok out {WoW}

Mar 29th 2010 7:44PM Interesting, i just did this again, and it worked! i still had my pet with me, and the demon didn't flee, he just owned my pet with some weird spell.

Scattered Shots: Rhok out with your Lok out {WoW}

Mar 29th 2010 6:02PM Ok, im at the part where you have to kill the four demons. ill dismiss my pet and talk to them. Ill kill one of the demons and nothing happens. nothing drops, my quest log says i never killed them. anyone know what to do?

A look at GM Island and the Player Jail {WoW}

Feb 26th 2010 2:03PM Ahhh.. GM island. it was fun going there on private servers. (Don't hate on me for being on private servers!)

Realm maintenance for Tuesday February 23rd {WoW}

Feb 21st 2010 10:02PM I like this fancy blue quoting stuff!

Blizzard files lawsuit against private server {WoW}

Oct 29th 2009 8:38PM I see your point, that playing on private servers is a good way to try out a new class, and i have done that before. the problem is most spells are bugged anyway, and that really doesn't help you pick the class you want. one time on a server, my hunters arcane shot did damage to itself, not good.

Breakfast Topic: Your best instance run ever {WoW}

Jul 30th 2009 4:44PM i was on a naxx 25 pug, and got 6 epics on my hunter, not including a 226 off of Kel'Thuzad. best, pug, EVER!

GLAAD fights homophobia in online communities like WoW {WoW}

Jul 21st 2009 1:25PM @ planetwrecker
I am disgusted by your comment, you complain about "these perverts shoving thier filth down your throat" and how they spread their own hatered and heterophobia. How are you not doing the same by saying "what they do is NOT normal and as far as i am concerned, NOT acceptable!!"

WoW Moviewatch: Trident of Naz'jan {WoW}

Jan 29th 2009 12:11PM nice job! i like it.

Breakfast Topic: Would you join an "Anything Goes" realm? {WoW}

Jan 15th 2009 4:11PM This is a bad idea, ya mature people can get away from annoying little kids, but what about the teenagers who are actualy mature? I'm 14, and i dont go around spamming those anal jokes.