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Cataclysm beta removes portals from Dalaran and Shattrath {WoW}

Sep 27th 2010 9:39AM Tip your f'in mage. It's the right thing to do. ;-)

Cataclysm Beta: New loading screen gallery {WoW}

Aug 13th 2010 10:01PM Those are awesome. Sexy blood elves as always, which nobody, including me, is gonna complain about. ;-)

Breakfast Topic: Here, plushie plushie plushie... {WoW}

Feb 11th 2010 8:26AM I love it! Awesome visual lol

And I want one for my 3 yr old. She always has to have a stuffed animal to go to bed with. How perfect is a Cuddle me Yoggy!?

Arcane Brilliance: The state of the mage, volume 4 of 72 {WoW}

Feb 7th 2010 12:04PM I am so surprised at the lack of FFB mages out there. My mage has been FFB since Wrath, and don't get me wrong...I know that it is playstyle as well as gear, but my heavily crit-stacked FFB mage out-damages Arcane mages with similar, and even better, gear. I don't give a crap about DPS when my damage is much higher than other's with higher DPS. Arcane mages can pad stats with higher DPS, but at the end of a boss fight, I'm always higher than any Arcane mage in the raid. I scratch my head wondering why that is, and I continuously wait for some article to talk about the hidden treasure that is FFB, but apparently I'm missing something. With raid buffs in place, and doing 80% crit FFBs (on top of Living Time Bomb, Scorce, Ignite, etc.) my crit damage is insane, and my mana almost never dips below 80%. I just find it odd that Arcane gets such good props, yet I'm able to out-do them constantly. I know what yer all gonna say: I play with fail Arcane mages. Maybe, but I find that hard to believe that that is always the case. Hmmm.

Sylvanas finally gets her makeover {WoW}

Sep 25th 2008 3:45PM Ummm...negative Ghostrider. The pattern is full.

Blizz's remodel of her is 1000x better than those. Not knocking those down, but to say those are way better than the new Lady, you're smokin' something and I want some of it.

Wrath's Obsidian Sanctum brings new mounts and new challenges {WoW}

Sep 16th 2008 2:15PM Where can I find out more about this Black Drake Mount? Sounds awesome.

PTR 3.0.2 Patch Notes {WoW}

Sep 15th 2008 3:37PM So now as a fire mage my scorch will just help increase all the other frost mage's damage as well. Just what they needed.