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New Tree of Life model datamined {WoW}

Oct 13th 2010 5:15PM Not a fan. I have a female nelf druid and at least the last ToL form was pretty gender neutral in appearance. This thing is very masculine looking and sort of a bad match for female toons. Maybe a female version is still being hidden.

The Queue: Patch 4.0.1 bonanza {WoW}

Oct 13th 2010 2:05PM Cata is including Hell Boars and Shale Spiders (An elemental) as pets BM hunters can now tame which are not technically "creatures." Do you think Blizzard will ever let hunters be able to tame dragon whelps? Technically they are nothing more than an Imp without a buff. what would be the harm in a ranged pet?

Spiritual Guidance: Has mana regen become collateral damage in patch 4.0.1? {WoW}

Sep 23rd 2010 10:31AM Let me get this straight. They removed Seal of Blood from paladins as a mechanic to regen mana through heals for paladins back in the day and now they want shadow priests to hurt themselves with shadow word pain to gain mana?

Is this stumping anyyone else besides me?

Scattered Shots: Nerf bat hits the beta hunter {WoW}

Sep 21st 2010 9:46AM Camo should be changed from what it is now anyway. New Camo:

Camo - 1.5 second cast. The Hunter and their pet becomes a bush native to the terrain and is untargetable, cannot move, cannot take damage, and cannot be interacted with in any way by an opposing player. The Hunter can use their ranged trap ability while a bush. Auto attacking and special abilities break camo, at the end of the cast, and receive a 3x damage multiplier on the first shot.

New Ability - Duck Call

Duck Call (Requires Camo) - While using camo a hunter can call ducks, distracting their target causing them to focus on and face the ducks that appear for 3 seconds. (joke)

Tuesday Morning Post: Brewfest begins edition {WoW}

Sep 21st 2010 9:13AM Has anyone noticed that the mount drop rate has been increased? I ask because yesterday SEVEN of my guildmates came away with a brewfest kodo or ram. Since the first brewfest I have not seen that many drop within my guild for the whole event let alone one day.

Breakfast Topic: Predicting the future: Patch 5.0.1 {WoW}

Sep 21st 2010 9:10AM The next expansion will cover the fall of the Dragon Flight leaders.

Lets look at what we know now. Malygos went nuts and got offed this expansion. Though this started Lorewise back with Deathwings first attempt at taking over the planet it's the second most obvious sign of trouble with the dragon flight leaders.

First problem is of course Deathwing and this expansion.

The next Dragonflight leader to lead us to trouble will be.... Nozdormu. Maybe this is a spoiler to some, a theory on wowwiki ( or just a far fetched idea by me but it is my opinion that Nozdormu is the the leader of the infinite Dragonflight. I believe that as the master of time Nozdormu is completely aware of the moment of his death (at the hands of mortals, an enemy or some other greater power) since he see's all time, and at that very moment in time a part of his sub conscience has branched off and corrupted others of his flight to undo some of the events that he see's as bringing about his own demise. Afterall, Nozdormu exists in all places and times at the same time, so part of his being developing it's own persona is not entirely far fetched as an idea. Maybe this too is brought about by the influence of Deathwing, the whispering of the old gods or demons.

Emerald Dream - Nobody knows what is happening other than there is a nightmare and the queen of the green Dragonflight is trapped within it. How do we know that she is not the cause, again corrupted in some way by Deathwing, old gods or other perverse power that is using her for their own ends.

The Queue: Why did WoW Insider switch domains, again? {WoW}

Sep 16th 2010 1:12PM With all the achievements and titles out there has there ever been or do you think there ever will be the possibility to add last names to our toons even if it involves a quest that ends in us selecting an in game name from a pre-made list of names?

Breakfast Topic: Does gender influence class choice? {WoW}

Aug 27th 2010 10:11AM I'm a male, age 36. Like your survey results, the classes I favor have tended towards flexibility over pure focus/role. I include my age because maybe not so much within WoW, but within my life I have noticed that my choices changed as I got older. A younger me, playing mmo's, went for pure damage dealing. Tank? screw that. heal? Hell no. Now, totally different. I normally aim for toons that can do more than one role so that the groups I play with cam always play regardless if someone is mia for the night. My 4 highest toons are:
80 Paladin - Prot main, ret secondary - I have also been MT raid healer on this toon opposite prot.
80 druid - Resto main - Balance second - Have also swapped to tank opposite resto as needed
80 warrior - Fury main - Prot Secondary
78 priest - holy main - shadow second
75 dk - dps build main - prot build secondary

All of my lower level toons that I tend to play more solo with are those that I have read others write as more "selfish" in nature, as they only do dps; Mage, rogue, lock.

And though the Shaman has utility I never seem to get one past the lvl 40's range because every time I start one and play with friends they end up scattering, stopping, or refocusing on other toons/games and I just don't continue to play them alone.

Breakfast Topic: Some day my ding will come {WoW}

Aug 19th 2010 9:12AM The first level cap ding was at 60 on my first toon, a dwarven paladin in vanilla, when it took forever to hit level cap.

At the time I dinged I had spent 20 levels hating the toon who's defining things was looking forward to a banana suit and bubble hearthing, I hated my guild which was at that point a large group of smaller groups that didn't associate with each other, and I stared at my screen.

The MONTHS of questing, of being PvP ganked or fleeing (first server was pvp) and millions of times of laying on hands, bubble and heal, stunning and healing all to tackle a crazy amount of mobs, a whopping two, because our DPS was horrid even for Ret (which I was and was laughed at all the time) were finally over. I had done it all because I did not want to start over at lvl 40. I reached the top, I had made it!!!!

Five minutes later I re-rolled as a horde hunter with 15 real life friends and the paladin sat till BC came out and the class was revamped. I dinged 60 with him a month and a half later, raided molten core, got my Lok, full giant stalker, downed Neth in BWL, was clearing AQ20 and was starting AQ 40 when BC came out.

The second 60 was a much happier life than the first. Ah the memories......

Drama Mamas: Friends behaving badly {WoW}

Jul 23rd 2010 3:54PM To both writers

I feel for you both. Being a guild leader, though exciting and fun in many ways, is quite literally a job. There might not be any financial repercussion from your actions, no loss of pay, or medical benefits, but it still requires a lot of the same dedication and leadership skills you would require to lead people in the work force. Along with that comes the need to be able to step back, analyze the situation with emotion removed and make the best decision that benefits your goal. Think of it like this. If you got a friend a job where you work and two weeks in they are spending all of their time at work ridiculing your actions, bad talking your performance or disparaging you in any way would you still be their friend?

Now I know this is a game and not a job but I have come to learn in life that personality trumps all. If you have a "friend" who treats you like a friend in one environment and not a friend in another then I hate to say it but that person is NOT a friend. I am guild leader of a guild that is real life friends only and all our decisions are by group, the title is by all means meaningless. I am also a member of multiple guilds, some raiding and some not. When I moved one of my main toons from a non-raiding guild I was in with real life friends and others I met online to a raiding guild where I also knew two people in real life I caught some negative feedback from one of the friends I "left behind" who couldn't understand my decision. I let him vent his concerns, pointed out mine, we agreed to disagree about what makes playing a game fun, and let it go. That is what should happen as friends, you talk, you agree where you can, disagree where you can, and move on with being friends.

To me, this means if your goal is to ONLY play with RL friends, then only RL friends should be in the guild. Even if your circle of real life gaming friends is small this wont impact your ability to earn achievements, or see content for if your guild cannot field full raids teams then you PUG to view and experience that content.

If your goal is to lead a strong guild that can tackle material of all shapes and sizes, up to 25 man content, and you plan on having people within the guild whoa re not real life friends then you need to treat those real life friends the same as any other WoW only person you know when it comes time for decisions. Allowing a real life friend to walk all over you only because of a relationship you have outside of game is unacceptable and more often then not paint's you into a worse picture in the minds of others than it does for them self. After all, they become known as a jerk, but you become known as a weak indecisive leader that cannot control problems and lead.

As the Drama mammas and even others have said, follow the rules you implemented and enforce them regardless of who the player is. If you get a nasty phone call from the real life friend, the cold shoulder or any other friendship ending feedback from them outside of the game then remember, they are the one's allowing what occurs in a game to affect them outside of it, not you.