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Why healing meters suck {WoW}

Jan 8th 2009 10:39PM I agree to a point. Here's an example. When there is a lot of splash damage druids and priests rock the charts, thats all there is too it. Similarly, if the tank is taking huge amounts of damage shamans and pallys rock. But in a situation where you have say 3 resto druids doing general healing then healing comparisons are useful for seeing skill. For example we 3 resto druid healed patchwerk on 10 man. I had the most healing done (45%) and least overhealing (5%), compared to the other 2 (30% and 25%) while the one with 25% healing did 60% overheals. I think this is a clear example of when experience and skill play a big part.

I've done much studying on resto druids and have a ton of experience. I know which heals to use when, however, other resto druid will use the wrong spell at the wrong time. One of them was spamming healing touch (prolly why he was overhealing) instead of lifebloom/rejuv/regrowth. Our guild eventually kicked him out as he continually showed an inability to heal. (the rest of the fights were similar). But yes, healing meters aren't very accurate. I think the only way to compare healers most of the time (the above example is an exception) is to look at their specific assignment, see if their targets died, and check which spells they are casting to see if they are knowledgable. (Best example of that is when I see someone at 50% health and start casting regrowth, if there is a paly casting flash of light i will immediately cancel my spell and not waste my mana. Similarly, paladins spamming flash of light on a target that is at 100% health and has 6 hots is also a waste. These are the things to watch for.

In the end, Naxx is extremely easy anyway, so overhealing doesn't matter since no one runs out of mana. So in the end just get competent people.

Ask WoW Insider: Do you tip your tank? {WoW}

Sep 16th 2008 12:22AM haha reminds me of something in trade

[2. Trade][sometank]Epic Tank lfg....will do any for 50g.
[2. Trade][me]Epic mage lfg...will do any for 100g.

Tipping for tanking is a retarded idea. Healers and dps provide just as much usefulness as the tank. Gear costs? Well we should tip ret palys and dps wars then as well since they also wear plate. Mages too since they usually die in 1 shot and end up dying more than anyone else. But seriously....hunters should give everyone gold for repairs....