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Spiritual Guidance: The worst shadow priest raiding application ever {WoW}

Jul 2nd 2010 5:20PM My DPS for you is like a truck! BERSERKER!

Is WoW being run by its B-team? Is that bad? {WoW}

Jul 14th 2009 10:06PM B-team's fine, Blizz has WoW on farm status now

Breakfast Topic: Pick a title, any title {WoW}

Mar 5th 2009 4:39PM As a joke:
Erinnaszun, All Out of Bubblegum
Erinnaszun, Teh Durid
Erinnaszun, Tree Hugging Hippie (

Seriously, and some have been said, just brainstorming here so they may not all be good:
Archdruid Erinnaszun
Erinnaszun, the Dreamwalker
Erinnaszun, Champion of Ysera/Defender of the Green Flight
Erinnaszun, Seedling of Teldrassil (for Tree druids, I'm thinking waaay outside the box now...)
Erinnaszun, Savage Guardian

Guardian of Cenarius is alright for the moment, even though I always end up wearing 'Chef' instead (aah, to have Iron Chef or Top Chef would be sweet)

Sam Raimi thinks a Warcraft movie has potential {WoW}

Oct 23rd 2008 1:26PM Bruce Campbell as Leroy Jenkins, cocky alliance lieutenant or something. Seems fitting for a small scene where he gets whupped by overwhelming odds in melee.

Ask a Beta Tester: Raids, rare mobs, and more raids {WoW}

Sep 24th 2008 12:50PM Pretty sure this has been asked already, just never saw it.

How does 10 man progression work?

After clearing Naxx, and say Obsidian Sanctum, which I'm assuming are same-ish level gear-wise, what's the progression supposed to be like?

Can we move on to the next 10 man, Ulduar for example, without having to go through 25 man Naxx to get geared up? Granted this may mean farming badges in lower 10 mans to gear up for higher ones, but can you skip 25 man raids?

I'm hoping the whole point of having 10 man raid versions is so that smaller guild can COMPLETELY disregard 25 man altogether.

Pentagon presents hypothetical terrorist plot in WoW {WoW}

Sep 16th 2008 2:18PM [Sammich_Monger] I'm preparing a BIG FEAST in the KITCHEN.
[Bacon4703] Is there going to be PIE afterwards?
[Sammich_Monger] Afraid not, I saved all my money to buy a jar of PICKLES!
[Bacon4703] PICKLES?! That must've cost you 103,45$
[Sammich_Monger] Actually, they are on sale THIS WEEKEND ONLY for 10,45$
[Bacon4703] Holy crap, there ain't gonna be any left by the time I get to the GROCERY STORE DOWN THE BLOCK!
[Sammich_Monger] Fear not, my hungry friend, for I have tons of em IN MY PANTRY!

Scared much?