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Val'anyr is a Paladin weapon {WoW}

Apr 28th 2009 8:17PM I play a druid and, while I may not play the most optimized style, I actually have good use for crit rating, in fact, I have CR almost exclusively over haste.

Raidbuffed, I have roughly a 60% crit rate with nourish/regrowth. With the modifications to nourish, living seed and nature's grace, this means that, if I had valanyr, I could more or less spam 1.2 second nourishs that heal for upwards of 9k most of the time, place a 3k living seed on the target and a 1300 odd bubble.

Regrowth is similarly fantastic.

Admittedly, I can't spam heal for huge lengths of time like a pally, but my HPS can top almost any other healing spec in the game if I have a mind to, even without busting a tranquility. In low pressure situations, I fall back on HoT's like most druids, but for top end druid healers, Valanyr is still an excelent choice, so long as you fit your playstyle around it.

Breakfast topic: The good old days {WoW}

Dec 13th 2008 4:50AM I actually think it'd be really classy if blizz released a 'v1.0' client of WoW (and a few servers) so that people could experience the oldeschewl in fine style. Like, really, really old. When innervate was a top end talent, as was 5hp a second regen...

It'd be great for the keeners to have a laugh around...

Cooldown possibly coming to CoH, Wild Growth {WoW}

Nov 7th 2008 10:14PM It's an interesting change. I think rather than purely adding a cooldown they could do that + buff the healing by about 50-75% so it's not as big as a PoM but enough that it can clear a group from the danger zone instantly

I certainly don't agree with the wildgrowth one though. The problem with COH is you can spam it on the same people repeatedly, healing them for upwards of 1200-1400HPS on a decently geared COH priest. Wildgrowth can be up on many people, but the actual healing it does is capped at about 400HPS, and is more like 350 if you let it tick out instead of spam refreshing it (I.E what you'd do if you actually had to watch your mana...) Wildgrowth only reaches the effectiveness of COH as far as HPS is considered when you have it ticking on pretty much all 25 members of your raid which, let's face it, is pretty rare.

I can agree with WG getting a bit of a nerf, but the 6 second cooldown destroys it's usefulness in the one case where it actually beats your regular heals anyhow- real raid wide damage.

any amens?

Skill Mastery: Damage Shield {WoW}

Oct 14th 2008 3:19AM just as a note, damage shield doesn't actually do as much as thorns or ret aura (talented) in the ptrs. at 1000SP with the thorns talent my thorns are hitting for 190. ret aura also now scales with SP, so expect 100+ hits from that as well. Of course, this means a warrior with damage shield, ret aura and thorns will be doing about 450-500 reactive damage a hit, up from about 85 currently with the same abilities, and that's even BEFORE the new ranks :P

Check your raid comp {WoW}

Oct 9th 2008 6:07AM indeed. the druid provides the raid's second tank. Druids as far as I can see are still the premiere OT class for their ability to cat, but also to provide normally DPS specific buffs, rez, innervate (which will be even more critical in wrath) and even context sensitive CC. Fury warriors don't bring much bar the debuffs, and the above raid selection is going for maximum synergy and utility.

Check your raid comp {WoW}

Oct 8th 2008 6:03PM Currently the most efficient raid group I think can be made is the following:

Prot warrior
Feral druid
Enhancement shammy
Resto shammy
Retribution pally
Holy pally
Disc priest
Daemonology lock
balance druid
Frost mage.

All buffs except +healing recieved and +damage taken. Two pally buffs, imp ret and concentration aura, 7 rez, 2brez, 3 selfrez, 2 heroisms, good AOE, lots of replenishment effects ( ret pally, frost mage, shammy, priest) and lots of classes that benefit from it, as well as primary melee DPS that benefit from all the caster buffs (pally and shammy) and a caster who can go apeshit in melee if something like zul'jin's eagle phase turns up again. only slight weakness is CC. One poly, two roots/hibernate, one shackle, one repentance, one banish. Should be enough to carry through most stuff, but very context sensitive.
Swap disc priest for holy priest at your discretion if you need more AOE healing going out there.

at the moment, this is about as optimised as you get assuming you don't come up against a fight where the -healing debuff is critical or a fight which makes mana users utterly useless.

Shifting Perspectives: Dude, where's my armor? {WoW}

Oct 7th 2008 6:27PM One interesting observation I have to make is that not all green armor has been taken off leather items in the PTRs and beta.

Guess who still gets it?


:P. That's right, the PVP moonkin sets still have the same green armor values they did pre-beta. I don't know if this is an oversight, but while all the bears are running around with 16k armor or so in BT gear, my merciless moonkin panzer set is still letting me hit 24k with little difficulty. What with the uber-kin AOE at the moment, it makes running lowbie dungeons a snap :P. I don't know about the feral PVP items, but it'd be interesting to see if any other pickled hide has escaped the wrathful power of developer-fu.

Balance buffed, Resto nerfed in 8962 {WoW}

Sep 18th 2008 8:51PM we do go OOM, but a well geared resto druid (maximised spirit and +heals on all items) is many many times more mana efficient than other healers, while still being very high on the healing charts so long as they are not overwritten. For example, I've just started going into BT, I'm wearing the badge chest, one piece of T5 and one piece of T5 non-set, the rest of my gear is kara or heroic. I'm currently sitting at 800/380 MP5 not casting, meaning if I only spam lifeblooms I won't go out of mana for a loooong time. Of course, as a raid healer this doesn't work particularly well, and on several fights (na'jentus, al'ar, kael etc) I still go oom, even with a pot or two. It still takes me far longer than the (better geared) pallies and priests though.

However, as noted, with the talents genesis (5% periodic healing increase) and nature's splendour (30% duration increase) and a glyph, lifeblooms can be ticking pretty well and for 10+ seconds, allowing druids to roll them just as effectively (and almost as efficiently), if not more.

However, in wrath I think that rolling HoTs are not going to be the be-all and end all of druid healing. With nourish coming in, healing touch getting major buffs (.5 second cast time reduction, extra 4% crit, 20% of your +heals and 9% cost reduction talents easily accessible) and regrowth just being plain insane (with nature's grace, glyph of regrowth and living seed, plus 9% cost reduction and so on) nuke healing will be far more important. I can certainly see multiple viable types of druid healer appearing- crit based nuke single target healers and spirit stacking, raid healing HoT rollers.