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Spiritual Guidance: Wrath Priest leveling guide from 70 to 75 {WoW}

Nov 17th 2008 9:21AM Sorry, but you need neither Holy Focus nor Blessed Recovery for solo levelling or instancing, and IDS provides more benefit than PI.

This is a better 30/28/3 levelling build (shift back to Holy Reach from Improved Healing if you prefer):

Spiritual Guidance: Wrath of the Shadow Priest {WoW}

Nov 9th 2008 4:36PM The truth is that LOLSmite (aka Disc/Holy DPS) is as good solo leveller in the current game as the SPriest, and has less mana issues.

Spiritual Guidance: The 20 - 40 grind {WoW}

Sep 22nd 2008 3:48PM I started my priest a little less than a month ago, after levelling and abandoning lock after a few weeks of a playtime. I am now level 47, Disc/Holy (otherwise known as LOLSmite ;), playing Forsaken/Horde a couple of hours a day. I mostly solo, but ocasionally instance to get myself trained for the end-game objective of raid healing.

Random tips:
• Best *free* levelling guide is: Use that together with QuestHelper, QuestGuru and LightHeaded.
• If you don't know want to play cookie cutter (like me), a good Disc/Holy build is here:, though you need I wouldn't spend more more than 4 points in Shadow (for 80% Spirit Tap).
• Spend time customising your UI/creating macro lists for grinding/group healing. Worth 100% of time invested.
• Invest in the best wand available for your level. Open with Holy Fire, SW:P, Smite, and wand mobs to death.

Good luck :)