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Starting zone upgrades in Northrend: Protection - Borean Tundra {WoW}

Nov 17th 2008 9:23AM "The fast speed also makes it ideal for the new and improved Reckoning."

I see that Reckoning procs off of blocks now, which is sweet. But I don't see how fast speed helps the matter. What am I missing?

I thought the weaponspeed/reckoning debate pretty much concluded that - due to seal scaling with speed - you come out as well or better with a slow weapon. Of course that would be truer with a proccing seal, like command, and not true at all with vengeance.

So, am I behind the curve?

"Inside Higher Ed" compares raiding and teaching {WoW}

Nov 5th 2008 10:33PM Usually I start with a general reminder to the whole raid over vent; things like "..and Remember to watch your feet for fire," etc. It doesn't hurt to follow up instructions with affirmations like, "If we can just remember to do X and avoid the Y, we'll get this guy down easy."

If that is insufficient, it comes down to a judgement call. Is this person having difficulty learning or are they simply not trying? If i think they are having difficulties I'll often whisper to inquire about why they are struggling, and make some suggestions if i have any. If I think the person is just refusing to work as a team player, i may call them out publicly.

Obviously, mid-fight I call out alot of things over vent, but i think in-combat correction is usually taken less personally. We all need reminders sometimes when we're busy mashing buttons. As long as orders are given in a calm and decisive tone, they aren't often viewed as attacks. Comments made out of combat will often bear more scrutiny.

In general, though, the goal is to balance instruction and affirmation. Celebrate successes openly, and treat people like people - even if they're screwing up.

Even a "Wipe night" doesn't have to be a fully negative experience. If your raid can perceive some improvement (like, "we got him down farther than last week"), excitement for the next run may be amped up.

"Inside Higher Ed" compares raiding and teaching {WoW}

Nov 5th 2008 10:08AM I think the dilemma is most pronounced in the "casual raiding" setting. My guild, for instance, tries to emphasize fun as the primary goal of our gameplay. For many of us, "fun" denotes downing bosses - particularly new ones. It ALSO denotes having enjoyable social interaction.

On the one hand, "calling out" or "attacking" one of our friends (and we endeavor to treat guildies as friends), can really ruin the mood of a raid. On the other hand, wiping generally sucks the fun out of the night.

As a RL I find that I have to "pick my battles" much more often than a strict progression-oriented guild might. Adjusting strats isn't a big deal, but when one person is clearly under-performing, I tend to use /w for correction rather than vent. Truth be told, almost everyone on a raid (at least OUR raids) wants to succeed, and so most are open to trying new/different things to make success happen without the threat of punishment.

Our raidleaders have to think a little more flexibly than those in min/max guilds with fixed specs and gear reqs. At the end of the day, like all guilds we do have a few wipe-nights... though not as many as you would think.

Being primarily a "fun-centered" raiding guild means that discipline tends to occur more often with regards to attitude problems (disrespect, etc) than actual performance. And while we aren't paced like bleeding-edge raiders, our guild usually accomplishes whatever we set out for. People are naturally motivated, naturally committed.

The Light and How to Swing It: Something's gone terribly wrong {WoW}

Oct 28th 2008 2:00PM "But because of Ret imbalance, I lose any chance I had at finally being able to maintain second threat on anything."

Sorry bud, but if you have problems holding threat as a pally, pre-3.0 or post nerf or whenever, you need to seriously evaluate your gear, spec, and spell rotations. I consistently had close to - if not THE - highest threat generation of the tanks in my guild. Post patch, that threat has scaled up deliciously.

Sure, I'll lose some threat on my seals, but frankly, the best dpser's i've run with (some which out geared me by a fair margin) still only approached 50% of my threat at their highest. Since seals are only a portion of my threat (Well under 25%, i think), this nerf won't likely change the fact that I can hold aggro.

Still though, it was awfully nice to think of myself as actually contributing to raid dps, rather than just making it possible for everyone else to.

Encrypted Text: Rogue Glyphs {WoW}

Sep 22nd 2008 3:24PM Evis Glyph is for raiding Mute Rogues, imo. As every Evis will refresh SnD up to it's 5pt length (see Cut to the Chase), once you've got SnD going you should never have to cast it again. Instead of, say, refreshing to a 4 pt length SnD, 4 pts can get you a 5pt SnD and a burst of damage just by Evis'ing.