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Tap Tap to Dave Matthews {}

May 21st 2009 6:19PM "In addition to the regular flavors of Tap Tap Revenge, the Dave Matthews version also joins a dance version of the game, as well as one for Coldplay fans that was released last month."

There's also Weezer TTR, NiN TTR....

Dell's Mini 9 gets the subsidy treatment {Engadget}

Jan 10th 2009 5:11PM Jailbroken iPhone + PDANet + Mini 9 = better solution

Ask TUAW: Safari, sorting iPhone favorites, finding HD space, battery care and more {}

Nov 22nd 2008 11:52AM You should be able to just put in your Leopard disc and choose to reinstall Leopard on that partition. Then when the option comes, restore from a Time Machine backup. As long as you don't choose to reinstall Leopard AND erase all partitions, nothing should ever happen to your Boot Camp partition.

Launch of Sirius XM iPhone app 'StarPlayr' coming soon? {}

Nov 21st 2008 3:17PM I wonder if it ties into an existing Sirius XM account/subscription? It would be really cool to see this be a $5-ish application, but have ads or something to make it a free subscription. The ad method is a bit difficult though... while they could do ads on the screen, some people may just start the app and then leave the radio going, so they wouldn't see the ads.

Anyways, the point is that it would be really cool if it was free to listen. I haven't ever given XM radio a try, but I've heard good things about it.

Coda 1.6 released, offers plug-in support {}

Nov 11th 2008 5:57PM Well the point of Coda is it isn't just a text editor – it's an IDE (integrated development environment) and so it also can update your site with your code changes, and support for built-in programming books, etc.

It's actually a really cool program, a bit over my head also, but Panic designs fantastic apps nonetheless.

PwnageTool 2.0.3 {}

Aug 25th 2008 9:03PM Excellent. I already jailbroke my iPhone 3G on the family Dell computer (using Quickpwn) but I'll definitely update my PwnageTool either way. This + Adium 1.3 makes for a happy day for my Mac.

The editor-in-chief giveaway: Win Ryan Block's gadgets {Engadget}

Aug 23rd 2008 3:24AM yay, contests! I'm excited to see your next new project Ryan!

How to apply for the US and European PlayStation Home betas {Engadget}

Aug 9th 2008 7:50PM I used to be interested in Home, once I heard that quote from Tretton about "the disconnect of when Sony took Home out of the creative minds and put it the hands of business minds..." I decided it probably will end up being an excuse for massive advertising and for Sony to make truckloads of money.

Even if I did get in the beta, assuming not much has changed since the Tretton quote, I doubt I would be interested after an hour or so. I'm sure most people would agree.

Sony says goodnight to PSP Extended Life Battery Kit {Engadget}

Aug 9th 2008 7:42PM Honestly, I see a lot of people giving Sony crap for their policy on homebrew on the PSP, and I'm not sure they necessarily deserve it, since a main use of things such as the M33 firmware (at least for me) is running ISO's. But then again, we've seen people like Dark-AleX who are constantly pushing the boundaries of what the PSP can do. I'm not really sure what this had to do with the battery now that I think about it...

TUAW wishes you a shiny, bright New Year {}

Jan 1st 2008 4:41PM Happy New Year everyone! Thanks to TUAW for keeping us informed on Apple stuff, you guys are my inspiration for my Apple blog.
PS - You guys are also the people that made me wish I had an iPhone -_-