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Take a CandyBar 3 video tour {}

Nov 30th 2007 2:38PM Going to try this out when I get my MBP back, I've had some problems. (hoping that link will work)

Vancouver Apple Store closer than ever {}

Nov 30th 2007 12:23PM Convenient for us Washington residents close to the border too, nearest Apple Store in Lynwood is nothing like the huge Apple Stores I've seen online, would be cool to get to go to a REAL Store.

iPhone/touch-Kindle Smackdown {}

Nov 30th 2007 12:21PM At the risk of being flamed, in pure aesthetics there's no comparison to the iPhone. I would sacrifice some features to not be seen carrying the Kindle around.

Apple posts new iTunes ad {}

Nov 27th 2007 11:01PM As far as I can remember, it was "Love Train" by Wolfmother, at least in my opinion. And that was a long long time ago

Kristian Freeman

Apple marks 30th November as worldwide Black Friday {}

Nov 27th 2007 10:59PM So it's going to be the same as the US Black Friday right? No new deals?

Kristian Freeman

Inquisitor is updated for Leopard {}

Nov 27th 2007 10:54PM

I'm slow too, I only blogged it yesterday.. ah well not all of us meticulously read VersionTracker and MacUpdate.

-Kristian Freeman

Apple one-day discounts posted {}

Nov 23rd 2007 12:28PM I took a snapshot of the page if anyone doesn't feel like going to the website or something.. Here it is.

Delicious Library 2 will track your media and your tools {}

Nov 20th 2007 11:56PM Can someone explain to me what Delicious Library is exactly? I've heard so much about it and it looks like a gorgeous app, but I have no clue what it is. Explain?