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Sony says goodnight to PSP Extended Life Battery Kit {Engadget}

Aug 9th 2008 7:42PM Honestly, I see a lot of people giving Sony crap for their policy on homebrew on the PSP, and I'm not sure they necessarily deserve it, since a main use of things such as the M33 firmware (at least for me) is running ISO's. But then again, we've seen people like Dark-AleX who are constantly pushing the boundaries of what the PSP can do. I'm not really sure what this had to do with the battery now that I think about it...

LittleBigPlanet: the trailer {Joystiq Playstation}

Aug 9th 2008 7:31PM and by sweat, I meant swear.

LittleBigPlanet: the trailer {Joystiq Playstation}

Aug 9th 2008 7:30PM I sweat this game gets better every time I see it. I hope a lot if not all of these levels shown on the trailer are included, I have the feeling I won't be making things of that quality for a while.

American PSN update for August 7th {Joystiq Playstation}

Aug 8th 2008 2:32AM I subscribed to Qore today, and I'm scared to try and purchase July's Qore Episode (#2) and have to pay another ~$4.

Anyone know how the subscription works? Can I go back and get previous episodes?

American PSN update for July 31st {Joystiq Playstation}

Jul 31st 2008 6:56PM Just starting Pixeljunk, add me on PSN @ kristian_freeman

Patapon demo hitting the PC PSN Store tomorrow {Joystiq Playstation}

Feb 14th 2008 4:24PM little update: looks like it's not up in the listings completely yet, I did get the link fast enough though.

TUAW wishes you a shiny, bright New Year {}

Jan 1st 2008 4:41PM Happy New Year everyone! Thanks to TUAW for keeping us informed on Apple stuff, you guys are my inspiration for my Apple blog.
PS - You guys are also the people that made me wish I had an iPhone -_-

Take a CandyBar 3 video tour {}

Nov 30th 2007 2:38PM Going to try this out when I get my MBP back, I've had some problems. (hoping that link will work)