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Breakfast Topic: Which class are you in real life? {WoW}

Apr 23rd 2009 8:16AM Rogue. Just because I am a rogue as a person and have always been, can't cure it. The play style of the Wow rogue is the one that fits me the most, so does the role. X D And it's not that I won't try/can't play other classes or don't welcome change, I have a 68 War, 57 pala, 80 DK, also tried all others.

Having a blast as a protadin, still that doesn't change the fact that in terms of role and play style the rogue is the one tailored for me personally.

Lichborne: More emergent builds on the 3.1 PTR {WoW}

Mar 30th 2009 9:32AM In addition to all trees being viable for all roles and our utility, we can use 2H and DW, meele and spells. Pets if we want. And those weapon runes.

WTB tips or an easier way to decide how to manage my DK, and make choices. ^^

Lichborne: More emergent builds on the 3.1 PTR {WoW}

Mar 30th 2009 9:26AM Always when I refresh one last time Lichborne seems to pop up, haha X D

More frost informationz! :P I am sort of confused at this point. Should I go 2H or DW, should I tank or DPS, should I stay Frost or not, and how to spec. I played my DK from day 1 until like 2 months ago, 2H Frost DPS worked great but in the end it was just terribly boring. I thought what the heck it's worth to give DW a try, always been a DW type and been curious on how it works for DKs, anyway 2H was just a no-go anymore. DW was hard to rate honestly, it was fun but at the same time not, something seemeed weird. So I was already confused what to do or how to spec really, the 3.1 notes that kept coming didn't make it easier. I decided to put my DK on ice, that and well I was occupied in rl as well, I have to urge to play her again but now I might as well wait for 3.1. Then at least if nothing more things are how they're supposed to (for now), regarding talents/trees, glyphs and so on. Maybe I can decide what the heck to do.

While DK isn't a "hard" class I wouldn't say it's that easy either, because it's so different from the other classes.. all trees are viable for tanks/dps and pvp, which means you have so many choices available, that means more choices to make. And we got RP/runes/cooldowns to manage, diseases, death runes, and there's so many different rotation possibilities out there, just looking at the Wowhead dk forums make me dizzy.

The Daily Quest: Of totem primers, PvP Paladins and chat room goodness {WoW}

Mar 28th 2009 5:06AM At night, I look upon you with lust in my eyes. Stalker, me? Crazytalk.

New mounts for Horde, Fishers in 3.1 {WoW}

Mar 14th 2009 5:05PM Coolio, turtles for the win. Say how hard are the mount achievements would you say? I have no idea, recently got the idea in my head that it could be fun. I've always been a fan of completion, with the thought of all the mounts that exist in this game I fancy the idea of having every single one. Not that it's possible and at any rate RNG limits the possibility further. But 100 is a nice goal. Like I said I like completion/collecting but I've always been too lazy to go to great lengths to do so.

However I finally have more energy in my life and I play casually, so it's a good time for this. That said there's so much to complete in WoW, and collect, a obsessive person like me wants to complete everything fully, so how do I choose which things to do and in what priority? Usually I get so frustrated from the thought of everything that I haven't completed, and in turn end up doing none of the things. Anyway I find mounts as a nice thing to collect, so why not start with that.

This leads me to my question, should I go for it? How difficult, how time consuming, how costly will it actually be? I have 8 mounts only, but I haven't given collecting a thought until now, and I have roughly 4000g and no problems earning more easily. 1000g needs to go for Dual spec though.

Any need-to-knows, tips would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. ^^

Phat Loot Phriday: Armageddon {WoW}

Mar 14th 2009 4:21PM How come this seems just as big on gnomes, least very big. Weapon size usually is based on character size?

No vanilla WoW realms. Really. {WoW}

Mar 13th 2009 11:16AM I have to disagree with the fun part. While Wrath has certainly enhanced the game (not as in made more challenging/fun), as in improved various aspects, be it nostalgia or whatever I have to say Vanilla provided me with the most -fun-. It may have to do with being worn out at this point, but I just think WoW seems more simple now, from questing to instances to repgrinds and whatnot. Simplified. Don't get me wrong I love the Casual concept, those who constantly crave for more hardcore content have the right to do so, I used to be hardcore, but I understand that the game should be able to be enjoyed by everyone. Fun comes first in a game, write that down. Fights too easy for you? Sad for you.

Still I don't like how the grand WoW seems simplified as a whole, just doesn't feel that much like a MMO anymore. I guess you can make something good, maybe twice if your lucky, but the third time it kinda becomes a clone with a new look. That's how I feel, and I still like WoW as a game so it's not that I'm that tired of the game itself, just that Wrath doesn't bring that many choices to explore, everyone is doing the same, and they're doing it constantly. Vanilla was the most fun without a doubt, but BC was nice as well, especially the raids.

Death Knight class and item changes changes in patch 3.1 PTR build 9684 {WoW}

Mar 13th 2009 11:02AM If it takes you 3-4 people to take down a DK I feel sorry for you. Played my DK since Day 1, just recently I went back to my Rogue and Warrior neither I've played since pre-wrath. My Warrior (Fury) eat DKs in PvP, it's burst vs burst and I've got abilities to avoid their CC, and here I herd warriors were broken, yet I easily destroy even though I haven't played the war since pre-wrath and done little PvP on him.In addition the same happens on my Rogue, I manage DKs fine (I've played a rogue for 4 years), I can stunlock them, I can counter the CC, I can use my defense cooldowns, I can keep them in place.

Now comes the kicker, since recently began playing on the rogue I've encoutered TONS of pallys (ret) , every single one not only beat me, but destroyed me. I can't stunlock them (bubble), and if I can't do that it means I'll be raped by enough stuns to drain down my 9k health with 3k+ crits on the side, paladins can stunlock now? They certainly can if they manage to take down 9k health in a lock of stuns, at mid 70 levels. I can't keep them in place, if I'm lucky to get them low they can bubble and heal up, while I'm at 20%. Oh and that's not all, if I tried to run, even using Sprint, CoS or whatever they can RANGED hit me as well, which has a insane range and does lethal damage. I can Vanish, I can Stealth, I can try to Sap, but oh what's that? Oh a thing on the ground, but not to worry I'll blind/cos/eva right away when get taken out of stealth, oh no seems I got stunned before I got to do that. At least I can be safe in stealth if I stay on range right? No they can cruise around on a mount with their speed aura, jump around with their ret speed talent and concec, better yet passive perception if they're human.

To top it off I used to manage paladins fairly easy on my Rogue, could never see the problem rogues had with them. All this shows me that DKs aren't that OP and pallys sure as hell are, while it also tells me you can handle DKs if you know your class well (like I do on my rogue and war, which I hadn't played since forever), but since it's a new class many people might not know how to play their class VS a DK. While pallys, are a much harder class to beat simply by knowing your class.

I'm aware my saying this isn't prove, but I'm not trying to prove anything. That doesn't mean I haven't seen what I've seen. :P

MMO-Champion's updated Tier 8 preview {WoW}

Mar 10th 2009 9:21PM Dunno why people bring realism into this, WoW was never about that. You could have a bing dinosaur on your helm, it's a fantasy game. I certainly don't play MMOS to look for realism, I play them to get away from it.

The hate for the rogue set annoys me, you know what a rogue is? That's like the first cool set since Bloodfang. It faintly reminds me of Nightslayer, finally a cool rogue set.

Lichborne: Dual Wielding and Tanking on the 3.1 PTR {WoW}

Mar 9th 2009 11:47AM "Aww, you poor babies. It must be so scary to think you'll be playing at the same level as other classes...

Did you really think it would last forever?"

Couldn't care less. First it's a game, if you have somewhat of a decent real life you'll understand. Second, even if they nerf DKs to oblivion I'll still play mine. I don't play to do the best damage, I play because I enjoy it. Hard to believe isn't it, some people actually play the game for FUN : O It's not like games were made as a form of entertainment, naaah. My life goes on, I have other characters if needed, and unless the class becomes so broken that it can't be played (which it won't), I'll play my DK as well. I guess your life continues to be miserable though, when you realize that we're still a strong class, because obviously it bothers you that we're OP, or you wouldn't even bother saying things like "Did you really think it would last forever?".

Have fun being upset over a class in a game, I'm off to enjoy my life. XD