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Patch 3.2.2 Hunters see changes to Bestial Wrath {WoW}

Sep 14th 2009 6:37PM Go ahead, I could still hearth in it.

Why your (race) can't be a (class) {WoW}

Aug 30th 2009 3:00AM Undead of any kind can't use the Light. Lore wise, all Forsaken priests are shadow priests; rather than worshipping the light, they worship the Forgotten Shadow. Forsaken priests being able to use the Light is entirely a game mechanic for balance. The Light harms undead, period. The only exceptions found in lore for this are Sir Zeliek and ghosts, though ghosts follow entirely different rules from the physical undead. No undead in the Argent Crusade/Dawn can use the Light.

Troll warlocks would make sense, since a warlock is just a mage that uses the shadowy form of arcane magic and makes pacts with demons.

All the World's a Stage: More possibilities for goblins and worgen in Cataclysm {WoW}

Aug 24th 2009 4:28PM Well, there's been established two different types of worgen, even if they turn out to be the same with some more evidence, as both are mysterious. One type is simply the blood thirsty beast men from another dimension/planet. Those are the worgen you see in Duskwood and Tirisfal Glades and that were summoned by the Scythe of Elune. Though it is mentioned they could be summoned from some"when" rather then somewhere, so they may be from Duskwood/Gilneas/Tirisfal from the future? That's making my brain hurt.

The other type are humans who were cursed, or chose to become, worgen. The first example has been in since the beginning of the game. The citizens of Pyrewood village were cursed by Arugal to turn into worgen, though they cannot control it and turn during the night (although it appears the Gilneas worgen can't control it until they drink a faulty cure). The other type is the Wolfcult in Grizzly Hills who voluntarily take the curse from the resurrected Arugal and do have control over turning into a worgen.

The Colosseum: Dynlor and Domustie {WoW}

Aug 17th 2009 4:09PM No, I'd agree with you. WoW PVP is quicker than most MMOs, but it's nothing to the

Player reaction to the 5-man Trial {WoW}

Aug 7th 2009 4:00AM I think it's pretty dang fun. I love Eadric the Pure. He's so Paladin it hurts. The bosses are fun, I actually enjoy the jousting minigame, and the Black Knight's constant rezzing and degeneration I thought was pretty awesome. I'd still echo the request for some voice acting or to be congratulated by the NPCs at the end or something at least, and for a "Yeah yeah, let's fight" button.

Other than that, I find it really fun.

We Have a Tabard: The green-eyed monster {WoW}

Jul 31st 2009 8:03PM Jonnie:

Why do you care so much? I just noticed it while reading the article and took 15 seconds to post a comment. Proofreading only takes as much time as is required to read the article. Read it once or twice and make corrections as necessary. It barely takes any time to do so.

I really don't think any journalist/blogger/writer/etc is going to be butthurt about someone telling them to proofread. Not as much as you, anyhow.

We Have a Tabard: The green-eyed monster {WoW}

Jul 31st 2009 3:09PM "If your continually being passed over, there may be an issue with your guild or your loot system."

You're, as in you are.

Please proofread instead of just running a spell check.

MMO Roundup: Last week on Massively {WoW}

Jul 28th 2009 3:48PM If you're writing it as one name, it's DaVinci, not DiVinci. Da meaning "of." Technically it should be Leonardo da Vinci.

Class Q&A: Warrior {WoW}

Jul 16th 2009 6:09PM The Briton warriors, and some other ancient Celts, would coat themselves with woad dye, spike their hair, and wear next to nothing into battle. The idea was to appear crazy and blood thirsty and scare the pants off of the enemy. The fantasy genre's tropes about berserkers and barbarians comes from the Celts and vikings, and thus the comment about berserking Warriors in woad.

New Arena system: you suck more than you know {WoW}

Feb 5th 2009 2:08PM Waitaminute, people were complaining about crappy Arena players being matched up against teams that should be competing at a higher level, buying their way onto good teams, etc. Yet this seems like it's doing just that, holding you accountable for your track record and facing you up against people that your history shows would be an even match, if a bit harshly.

I don't really see what's wrong there. If you're a very good/geared player and you go play with a friend a bit and you guys lose a bunch or just don't do well in general, when you join a new team with your crappy hidden rating you'll only have to slog through the bad teams for a while until you're back where you belong. Winning shouldn't be an issue if it's matching you up against players worse than you under the assumption that you suck.