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Zombie invasion phase 5.5 - quests to the faction leaders and Shattrath [Updated x4] {WoW}

Oct 26th 2008 10:26PM The Dual-plagued Brain also says:

Please! ! Destroy me!
Let the torture end!
Show mercy, ! Give me peace!


Where am I? So dark...


Ling flesh eases the pain...
Please, I just need a little. A finger or an ear will do.

Ask a Beta Tester: Protection Warriors, Death Knight DPS, and more {WoW}

Sep 29th 2008 6:26PM A question on mammoths and other passenger vehicles. I remember hearing that siege vehicles allow their passengers to attack enemies as though they were standing still (fireballs and such). I don't suppose this applies to passenger vehicles as well?

Will Wrath really be ready by November 13? {WoW}

Sep 25th 2008 8:31PM Mognet T -

Maybe the exotic pets overshadow everything for you, but the other two trees (Survival, in particular) have been the target of many new changes. Beast Mastery, besides the exotic pets thing, is basically staying the same.

Specifically, the general consensus on various hunter forums is that Survival and perhaps even Marksman will outpace Beast Mastery damage-wise (in both cases) and utility-wise (Survival) in WotLK.