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Will Wrath really be ready by November 13? {WoW}

Sep 25th 2008 9:06PM I guess it depends on your definition of "small problems." Well, and what class you play.

If you're a Hunter you shouldn't even buy the expansion until they are done working on Hunters. They said LoS was a huge problem and that two new abilities were in the works. Not only have they not made it into the game, they haven't even been discussed in the months since.

Pets scale horribly, and Blizzard talks about fixing them so they aren't killed in three hits. So far nearly nothing has been done.

Blizzard said they were going to buff Hunter melee (Why, who knows, but that's what they said.) So far they nerfed Hunter dodge by around 5%, they nerfed Kill Command into uselessness, and they removed a few +AP talents. But hey, at least we get 10% AP on Aspect of the Beast and Mongoose Bite no longer requires dodge!

AotV is in a painfully weak state for PvP, and Blizzard even acknowledged it. Will they fix it before release? Who know, they said they were going to, but apparently there is some big bad problem with putting a simple regen on it. So most likely it will also go live in a gimped state.

Blizzard also said they agreed trap mechanics were a problem, and they would be worked on, but they didn't want to make traps throw-able. Well, after months of next to no changes to traps (Arming time was reduced by 1 sec, Freezing Trap takes a little damage before breaking) Blizzard is now experimenting with shootable traps *caugh*throw-able*caugh*.

Now Hunters are told their talent trees are going to be majorly reorganized again, only 6 weeks before release.

Hunters shouldn't complain though, it's not like they are on the bottom of nearly every single Arena Bracket for all 4 seasons now...