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Jul 27th 2010 12:53PM Woohoo! Game on!

The Care and Feeding of Warriors: I cannot see the future Page 2 {WoW}

Mar 12th 2010 5:53PM I've always thought that each class had a different feel and theme to each of their trees. The differences between hunter trees is noticeable not just mechanically but how you understand your character (a bit more so when Survival was the amazing traps tree). With priests, holy and discipline both have a different way to play and a different strength they bring to raids.

Fury has always had a strong theme to it of the berserking barbarian and I think it does it well. I love seeing a warrior clad in plate whirling around with two weapons taller than most of his raid buddies. They charge around and just dish out pain. Abilities like Death Wish and recklessness really add to the feel of being the bloodthirsty take-it-to-eleven vibe of the tree.

Prot's the foundational tanking tree for all classes, I've always thought (Paladins in wrath were made to feel a bit more warrior-y if you ask me). But the theme is still there: You are the time honored simple badass. You stand tall in front of the mob, decked in armor, and piss the hell out of them. You shatter their weapons and clothing, lock and knock them down, repeatedly smash their face in with a shield, and relentlessly pursue them all across the battlefield. You are annoying in the greatest possible way.

Arms... doesn't have a strong theme and it needs one. I really like the concept of being a soldier, and I want blizzard to really embrace that idea. Arms needs to be the tree that leads troops into battle, overcome foe's defenses with finesse and cunning, and triumph over a lot of what's coming at them with skill and experience. If the arms tree were to take on the role of the skilled veteran soldier, whose home is the battlefield with fellow troops, I think that theme would go a long way.

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