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BlizzCon 2009: First impressions of Cataclysm races {WoW}

Aug 28th 2009 11:52AM Please know your lore before posting here Barinthos. The Horde wasn't tricked into drinking Gul'dan's blood. The Horde willingly chose to follow the orders of Ner'zhul and drink the blood of Mannoroth to grow more powerful and then when they realised they had accidentally destroyed their whole home-world, they found another one to destroy.

And the humans know that, they've spent enough time studying the Orcs in the interment camp to know that, now you see why Varian can't bring himself to trust a people that willingly cursed itself simply to grow more powerful.

Possible new race/class combinations datamined {WoW}

Aug 14th 2009 9:57PM My opinion on the lore implications of those new class/race combinations:

* Human Hunter
While humans are usually described as more urban and more detached from nature than other hunter races it is entirely believable that some odd ones would still choose the wild life of hunters. With humans expanding their empire those living on the outskirts might feel a stronger pull to the hunter path than when they only lived in the Eastern Kingdoms.

* Orc Mage
No particular reason why this wouldn't make sense. Orcs make able and powerful warlocks, no reason their magic would be any weaker in another branch. Thrall might even push for this, try and convince those interested by the path of the warlock to choose the Arcane instead.

* Night Elf Mage
The Night Elves forsook Arcane Magic millenias ago and have for a long time been completely isolated from it. But now they are working in close cooperation with human, gnomes and draenei mages who wield the arcane while keeping its corruption in check. It's logical that some Night Elves might be tempted to return to a path they were once so proefficient in.

* Blood Elf Warrior
Well, Blood Elves were presented as more magical than martial, but with the inclusion of Hunters and Rogues there were no real reason to exclude warriors. The guards of Silvermoon seem pretty much like warriors to me.

* Dwarf Shaman
Dwarves are getting close to the Frostborn and to the Earthen and thuse closer to the Earth itself. The influence of the WIldhammer dwarves can also be felt here. Dwarves now aware of their link with the elements might find the path of the Draenei shamans interesting.

* Dwarf Mage
Well Dwarves are naturally repulsed by warlocsk for what the Dark Irons did to them, but they've never really shown distate for magic in general so there's no reason they would refuse letting gnomes teach some dwarves about magic.

* Undead Hunter
Well Nathanos Blightcaller has shown that human hunters keep their affinity even in undeath. Undeads have abandonnded their faith into the light because they believe it has forsaken them. No reason they should feel the same about everything else.

* Tauren Paladin
Well, that makes sense considering that conversation about Taurens wishing to leave the Moon behind and concentrating on the Sun (the Light). The Taurens might see what the Blood Elves are doing with the Light and try and find a way to do it with the Light's permission instead of bending it to their will. (Trying to redeem the more evil Horde races seems to be a constant for Taurens). And we have to remember that the Light isn't a single deity but more of a philosophy. Naarus are simply an embodiment of it more than deities.

* Tauren Priest
In Warcraft III Taurens had Spirit Walkers that acted more or less as spiritual leaders which is the role of priests. Seeing the Light used by Blood Elves and now Paladins might also explain this.

* Gnome Priest
This is the one I have more trouble with, the gnomes are proefficient with magic, but have also shown that they are mostly areligious. I guess they might be using a different way to tap into the Light (like Undead and Blood Elves for exemple)

* Troll Druid
Well if you've done Zul'Aman and Zul'Gurub you know that Trolls are adept shapeshifters. Already being shamans show they also have a strong link to nature, no reason the Taurens wouldn't show the Darkspear Tribe the paths of druidism.

New Halloween masks point to a new playable race? {WoW}

Jul 17th 2009 7:50PM Really? Varian racist? He didn't seem to have any trouble allying with a Night Elf, a Dwarf and even a Blood Elf. He also never seemed to hold any grudge against the Draenei ambassador standing near him nor with the gnomes running around his city.
He mostly has problems with orcs, because every single time he's encountered them they've gived him good reasons (Killing his father, destroying his kingdom, killing his foster-father, enslaving him, forcing him to fight as a gladiator, etc...) to hate them.

Varian Wrynn is Right, Part III {WoW}

Apr 26th 2009 4:45PM Funny that you should say this is full of holes when your argument is so poor.
First, you must take into consideration that the "players" do not matter in this argument. The story is mostly driven by the NPCs, so Varian judges the Horde on its leaders and on their actions. Thus, Wrathgate, slavery, Warsong, Garrosh, are much more important than the time Horde's player might have spent leveling up herbalism.
Second, Varian has no way of knowing what happened on Draenor. And, anyway, what happened on Draenor was mostly the Orc's fault. Do you really think that telling Varian that the Horde accepted a deal with a demon and then ransacked their planet so much they had to leave, will make him acept them?
And yes, Orgrim might be a villain of the Old Horde, but that doesn't change the fact that the Horde lives in a city called ORGRIMmar and that Thrall still wears Orgrim's battle armor. And what are all those GOOD things Orgrim did that outweighs the bad? He pursued a war, let Gul'dan live, killed Anduin Lothar (probably in betrayal), and liberated the Orcs. Nothing there to make Anduin see him as a good figure.

And well Varian is justified in his hate of the Horde, everything that's happened to Varian pushes him to hate the Horde. With the lore as it currently is, Varian loving the Horde would be completely illogical.

Honestly, before answering, atleast read the article.

Varian Wrynn is Right, Part III {WoW}

Apr 26th 2009 4:29PM You haven't really read anything Daniel just wrote have you?
There's whole sections written to point out that even the new Horde has been extremely aggressive against the Alliance and that for this reason Varian must retaliate.
You must also take in consideration that Varian isn't a telepath, he can't know about all the internal politics of the Horde and separate the bad Horde from the good (Saurfang, Thrall) Horde when all he is presented is the Horde's evil.

BlizzPlanet reviews upcoming Arthas novel {WoW}

Feb 23rd 2009 1:50PM He's right though. All those pulp books ARE pretty bad litteracy-wise. Doesn't mean you can't enjoy them but you have to admit they are the book equivalent of a Big Mac and nothing more.

Of course it'd be nice to see a real fantasy author tackle on the Warcraft universe. The setting has a lot of potential: a huge cast of characters to develop, many races, clans, groups to throw against each other, and an immensely vast world. It could be great. But sadly I doubt that's Blizzard's aim.

As for the Arthas novel, I'll probably pick it up, read it in half a day and forget all about it in the other half.
After all both Christie Golden and Richard Knaak aren't much more than glorified fan fiction writers.

Breakfast Topic: Dialing back your game {WoW}

Sep 28th 2008 12:56PM I know my guild will be moving into 10-man. It removes the hassle of finding pugs and organising the groups and considering you'll have pretty much the same experience in 10 and 25-man I just don't see any reason to go into the 25.

And, I personally believe there's nothing as anti-climatic as 40 would-be heroes mashing on a single boss at the same time, how would the final Star Wars have been if everyone had been shooting on Vader at once? Would LotR've been as good if they had just zerged Mount Doom?
Maybe it's simply because I've played a lot of DnD but I always thought that 5 person in a dungeon was epic.