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Breakfast Topic: Worst designed zone in the game {WoW}

Aug 25th 2007 8:17PM Umm anyone remember that pre-BC Deadwind pass was pretty much a non-zone...
And now it is really only the enterance to a raid. I don't know if the allies have something lower level there but as horde, all I did was pass through to get to other places. Talk about a waste of space.

Breakfast Topic: What one buff would you give your class? {WoW}

Aug 19th 2007 8:31PM Rogues are the only class that give no sort of buff to other players. Druids get LotP, warriors have shouts, hunters get TSA, rogues should have something to bring to the table, even if it is talented for something like threat produced by non high threat attacks (ie sunder armor or shield bash) is lowered or maybe a chance on hit to gain some melee or spell haste? That would be nice.

Breakfast Topic: Your First Class {WoW}

Oct 27th 2006 10:55AM My first char was a human pally, why you ask? Cause all my buddies played alliance and wanted me to start in thier area. I wanted to be a Tauren Hunter, cause I thought that would be cool. Not long into the game, they all switched servers and went horde, so I made an orc rogue (female cause there is no why the male orcs could hide behind anything). Bad choice at the time since Blood Fury used to suck, but now that toon is still my main, and I couldn't be happier with her.

Breakfast Topic: What Will Become Of The Current Endgame Raid Instances? {WoW}

Oct 18th 2006 10:15AM I see these places still having a good reason for endgame guilds. 1) Enchanting mats, it isn't like the nexus crystal isn't going to be needed, probably need 10 of them for end game enchants, on top of whatever new item for enchanting comes out. 2) Mats for certain gear. Core leather, lava cores, bloodvine, obsidian, the list gones on. These instances will still probably be useful for these things too. 3) Rep. Who says the new hot enchanting pattern won't come from the Hydraxians, and the best place to rep for them is MC, or the Brood with AQ40. Thats my guess as for Blizz's plan.

Dealing with off-specs (or being one) {WoW}

Oct 5th 2006 2:33AM My main is a rogue, and while I remember the Shadowcraft days of hating ferals trying to steal my gear, I like them in the end game. Put 2 rogues, a hunter, a shaman, and a feral in a group and you have some UBER dps on your hands. Plus after BC when ferals can make our crits heal us, well then all the more welcome.

Breakfast Topic: Favorite race {WoW}

Oct 3rd 2006 8:22AM Plus, berserk for a hunter.... OWNS. Myself, I like the orc. What self respecting melee class would want to go without a 25% ap boost? Sure you get mortal struck for 25 seconds, but hey when your healer is down you do want your rogue to go done without a fight, blood fury ftw. Plus, they are the only horde race who can hide their feet. :)

TCG in-game rewards revealed (finally!) {WoW}

Oct 3rd 2006 2:27AM You sure the turtle moves at mount speed? The link specifically says it moves at "normal running speed". To me this suggests that it isn't a mount, but a different way of walking somewhere.

Breakfast Topic: Who Are You? {WoW}

Sep 26th 2006 9:38AM Hey.

My name is Chris. I'm a 23 year old soldier. I'm stationed away from home right now, which is normally Michigan as well, near Grand Rapids. I am married and have 1 child. Most of my experience is horde side, where I have a 60 rogue and an almost 50 hunter on terenas. I also have started a mage on Bloodhoof, alliance side to the request of some guys I work with.

Good to know ya :)

BC Leaks: More pics, areas, and Arena PVP sets {WoW}

Sep 22nd 2006 8:33AM There were two shaman, druid, and paladin sets. One of each seemed healer caster, while the other seemed combat. And no hunter set. But yeah hit rating and some of those other terms, someone release a spoiler on WTF they mean